Saturday, September 22, 2012

At long last...a run and updated goals!

I don't call myself a runner. I'm a person who, mostly in the interest of getting rid of weight, runs from time to time. I don't dislike it as much as I used to, but it still takes some serious mental talking to get me out the door.

When I hurt my knee in July and had to stop for a while, I tried to be disappointed. Mostly I was concerned about stalling my weight loss or gaining because I was going from 3-4 workouts a week to not much. It was a hot summer, so running outside wasn't really an option. I can't say that I missed it all that much.

Here it is two months later, and today, I went for a run. I had no idea what to expect -- I set the 2 mile route and figured I just see what happened.

Started with a .1m warmup walk. When I first started the run, I was worried - I could feel the knee and the muscles around it tensing up. But after about 30 steps, it stopped. I went about 1/2 mile and took a short walk break to get a drink (and get up the hill). My first mile was at about a 12:30-minute pace - pretty normal for me, even with the walking. Second mile was about a 13-minute pace, with only one walk break, and then walking the tenth that was after 2 miles.

All in all, my knee did great! [My lungs wondered what was happening.] I've now lost my excuse to sit on my butt so often -- the weather is cooling down, too, and Bug is ready to get back to it. I'm setting a new distance goal that I want to reach by Thanksgiving -- 5 miles, no walking. I've never done more than 3.2, so we'll see how I do finally increasing my total distance. That seems so short compared to a lot of the runner blogs I read, but it's pretty huge for me!

Speaking of goals, I need to update the ones I documented earlier this year.

Goal: Run an entire 5K
Reward: Satisfaction! And a pedicure.
***DONE*** Race for Wishes 3/24/2012

May 1 goal: Lose 20 pounds
***DONE***May 8th

July 15 goal: Lose 30 pounds
Reward: Health on Haiti mission trip -- less pain, more stamina on the trip

***DONE*** a little late, but accomplished 8/14

September 15 goal: Lose 40 pounds
Haven't hit this yet -- resetting for 10/15
October 29 goal (my birthday): Lose 50 43 pounds!
Reward: Dinner! We'll do that anyway, most likely, so making it my reward is easy!

Ultimate goal: Achieve my goal weight = lose 63 pounds FOREVER [I think that violates a rule of goal-setting, but whatever.]
Time: By December 20, 2012 February 1, 2013

I had my annual exam this week, and my doctor was very pleased with me. She didn't know much about Paleo, but didn't dismiss it as unhealthy or a fad -- which is apparently a big deal! I still need to get blood work done so I can compare to my numbers from last year. I feel so much better it's crazy. I thought I'd be disappointed that I hadn't hit all the goals I set back in April, but I'm really not. There have been so many good results so far, taking a little longer to reach a final goal isn't a big deal.

Okay, I'm all caught up now. Gotta go get autumn decorations done!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I have obviously lost my mind.

The day started out so normal. Bug had a thing to do and was gone by 7am, I laid around until 8, then I had coffee with my homemade Paleo creamer! This was the first cup of coffee I'd had in three weeks, and it was lovely. Sat on the back porch in mid-60s weather, reading the paper, drinking my coffee, planning the rest of the day.

I hate grocery shopping on the weekend, but it happens that way more than not. I didn't start on my menu planning until Friday, so there was no choice that today would involve a trip to some store. Hey, while I'm out, I'll run by Hobby Lobby and pick up a few autumn accessories. Great idea.

Until we got to the shopping center and saw white tents set up. Guess what was in them? Pets from various shelters available for adoption.

Don't get ahead of me.

As we drove up, I'm saying out loud, "We do NOT need another dog. We do NOT. Do NOT ask me for another dog." By the way, this is only being said to my husband, not a child, like you might expect. I have a really good reason for this. About a month ago, we went to a home show and almost came home with a pit bull. If there hadn't been a couple already planning to take her, we'd be a family with three dogs already. So I was a little hesitant to even go in the tents.

Back up a sec: We have two dogs. Until late last year, we had three, but our oldest boxer left us suddenly. Beau is an 11-year-old boxer, and Theo is a 3-year-old Rottweiler.

Bette is the one sleeping alone - she's no longer with us.
Beau and Theo have a need to be on top of each other most of the time.
With the ground rules established, we entered the tent. A beagle, a humongous Great Dane (is there any other kind?), several pits, couple of yippy chihuahuas...hooray, we made it out without incident. Hey, what's in that other tent? Oh, risk there...

Until we met this guy. Gorgeous solid black, maybe a year old. He'd been at the shelter for about 3 months, as everyone told us. Black cats are really hard to get adopted, as everyone told us. He was purring within 3 minutes when we started petting him.

Here's Kobe, making himself at home:

Picture this guy meeting my other two guys. Beau is no newbie to cats, having tormented one in his very formative months 10 years ago. He learns fast -- two swipes with the lethal Kobe claws was pretty much all it took. Theo, on the other hand, learns the hard way. Poor baby has no idea what those claws can do, but he's about to learn. It should be an interesting few days until they come to an "understanding."

Perhaps I should ask for donations to pay for the psychiatric help I obviously need.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More randomness.

There must be something in the water. I've got at least four blogging friends who have complained lately about not having anything to say/write, and now I've caught the affliction. I'm doing fine on the weight loss front, so I think maybe I'm just bored with talking about it for the moment. I'm staying off the scale for another couple of weeks, so nothing to report there.

Let's talk about something completely different.

1. I'm beginning to think I have an unhealthy obsession with the Harry Potter series. As I type this, Sorceror's Stone is playing on TV. I read the entire series over the summer for about the 8th time. I like the movies okay, but the books transport me to a completely different place. And this never fails to make me giggle:

2. I'm very annoyed with the availability (or lack) of classic movies on subscription services like Amazon and Huluplus. Seriously, what is the point of having those accounts if you can't get movies like "My Fair Lady" or "Double Indemnity" when you want them? Who even HAS a VCR anymore? I already dropped Netflix in irritation about their separate charges for streaming versus DVD. I'm just not a library person, but I may have to rethink that.

3. I think I would be way more amusing as a blogger if I still had toddlers in the house. Or maybe I would just be way more inebriated.

4. I went to the mall for the first time in forever over the weekend. Dillards, Clinique, Charming Charlie's, Brighton, Gap...I need to wait a really long time before I do that again, or my bank account will go into shock.

4. I have now bought kale three different times with good intentions of using it. I think my subconscious is stopping me. I did make chips once, but they weren't very good -- it had already wilted before I cooked it. And I'll probably buy it again. Does that make me optimistic or just not very bright?

5. I love getting Amazon boxes delivered. I love it more when I know they're for me. The UPS man is naming his next child after R-Dub, as we provide job security.

6. Speaking of R-Dub, he's out of town this week. Bug and I have watched Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, and the aforementioned Harry Potter. This is what girls do when the men aren't around.

7. I have a niece and several friends who have birthdays on this day in September. A colleague posted today that while many of us have a memory of September 11th that is sad, there were many good things that happened on other September 11s. Let's not forget those things in our remembering of one particular 9/11.

And with that said, no September 11th post would be complete without a thank you to our armed forces for their service, past and present, to this country. We owe you all a debt we can never repay.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Whole30 Days 4+

I've been procrastinating writing this post. Like, I'll clean the entryway light fixtures if it will keep me from blogging.

I bailed on the Whole30.

I'm sort of mad at myself, and then I'm not. I've had 100 conversations with myself about it, both before and after I caved. Monday morning, R-Dub and I went on a long motorcycle ride, and that's some good thinking time (for the passenger). I think it finally boiled down to this for me: The entire summer -- vacations, mission trip, weekends -- I've really not stepped out of Paleo world if I had any control at all. No buns on hamburgers, no bread on sandwich meat, no sugar/dessert. Wine and creamered coffee are pretty much the only exceptions I make to what is "true" Paleo when I can make choices.

Then I throw myself into this Whole30 and I realized I was very close to that completely deprived feeling, where I slip into the "poor me" mentality that has derailed me so many times in the past and caused the weight to come right back on. No middle ground for me.

I cooked some really awesome new food last week, and I don't intend to stop that. Branching out into more Paleo recipes is definitely a goal. I'm still not drinking coffee (or using Splenda, which is the main thing). All the food I cook is 100% Paleo, and it's really good. I'm not suddenly eating pasta or bread. But when we went for a ride on Monday, we were looking for someplace to eat, and the only option open was a BBQ place. I ended up with smoked turkey and a salad -- I'm sure the turkey was seasoned with stuff I wouldn't use, but the alternative was starving. That's not really on my list of things to do.

Grilled salmon, cumin-roasted carrots, and creamy butternut squash

So I'm basically back to doing what has been working for 5 months, with a few tweaks. I'm going to stay off the coffee/creamer/Splenda for the month. I'm not having caffeine withdrawal anymore, so maybe it'll be a special treat sometime. No wine during the week. I'm still deciding if I want to stay off the scale for a few weeks -- not sure on that one yet. And I'll still do the menu planning so we don't resort to having this 3 times a week, even though it's really tasty:

Meatza! Tomato sauce, whatever veggies I had in the fridge, and fresh spinach on a meat crust.
I'm trying not to beat myself up over this. And I may try it in the future, but right now wasn't the best time. Instead, I'm going to stop babying this stupid knee and get back to my workouts.

Anyway, I'm through feeling guilty about it, and moving on. Menu this week is a little scattered, but we're smoking a brisket tomorrow and I'm sure we'll eat on that for a few days.

Am I the only one who feels guilty about stuff like this, when it's totally my decision in the first place?