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Daddies (2013 repost)

Updated for 2013: I wrote this a couple of years ago on Father's Day. As I consider another year, I realized that I really said what I wanted to say about my daddy, so I'm reposting as is. This year, I am thinking of several friends who are facing their first Father's Day without the father -- you all get a hug from me. Daddy, I still miss you every day.


Before I start, I have no idea if this will be hard or easy to write. I don't in any way want this blog to turn into some Debbie Downer site (or Teary Traci, as the case may be), but I know I'm not the only one who has to face some "holidays" with someone missing. Father's Day is a big one of those around here.

The Facebook "game" was to change your profile picture to one of your father. My first thought was that my daddy was gone before digital photos. My second was, "Hey! I have a scanner!"

Daddy died twelv…

Randomness. It's all I've got.

I KNOW. I can't call myself a blogger if I don't actually BLOG. Stupid rules.

My "not in the mood to write" mood continues. Don't really know why -- I think I feel boring right now. It's the end-of-school-year craziness again -- I seem to be surprised every single year when April and May hit and there's something going on all the time. Kinda like being surprised when Christmas shows up and I'm not ready. And last week, I felt the need to do this:
RDub had gone on a business trip, Bug and I were outside by the pool before going on our evening walk/run. Dogs misbehaving, I stand up to break up their fun, and ram that foot into the metal leg of the deck chair. I knew instantly it was more than just stubbing my toe. It's now 6 days later and, while I don't think it was broken, it was definitely jammed. It's been all sorts of pretty colors this week.

So rather than getting started on our "school's out" workout routine, I've lim…