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So this happened.

Someone probably needs to call the guys in the white coats, because this has been happening this week:

That's right -- running FOUR DAYS out of five!

Consider this your warning that the zombie apocalypse is upon us, because I'm planning to outrun you. Obviously, I set no land speed records; there's still time for you to train so you outlive me. 

But let's look a bit closer, shall we? In case you missed it...

Why would you do that, you ask? It's simple -- heat. Texas in July, even in a weird year like this one, is not friendly to even walking outside after 8am. Pile on that RDub leaves for work at 6:30 AND he is psychologically unmotivated to do this by himself, and it's a perfect storm. The dogs need a walk, and they would die in the afternoon heat (or act like they will [Theo]). 

So it's a great plan, right? If we could just get our butts in bed by 10pm, we might not think we're all going to die of exhaustion. 

And that's been our week. What's going …

All the things.

Okay, just five of the things going on for the last however many months anyway! [ETA before publish: I've been writing on this post since April. Ridiculous.]

It's time for the annual semi-annual semi-monthly way-too-irregularly-to-be-taken-seriously-as-a-blogger post about where I've been and what I've been doing since my last February (other than the cruise, that is). It's sad. It really is. 

Here's what's been happening. 

1. Back in April, when I started this list (don't judge), this was the big thing:
Then, in May, the other weather-related news took over:
This has honestly been the strangest weather year I can remember. In early June, we finally were able to get in our pool, we aren't on water-rationing, and my yard looks amazing!
2. I developed plantar fasciitis in my left foot and running became an issue. Heck, walkingwas an issue. I'd had some treatments and the boot to wear at night and it wasn't too bad. Then Bug and I decided t…