Tuesday, September 1, 2015

All the food!

Hello, strangers on the interweb! I'm still alive! I still have my Blogger account. Now you can all breathe a little easier. 

There are probably a dozen topics I need to write about, including how the child decided she was adult enough to move out of my house to college, of all things, but I can't do that one yet. Maybe in a couple of years....

BUT, apparently, I decided to cope with that change by cooking all the food...and eating all the food...and taking pictures of all.the.food! Here's what's been cooking at the hacienda.


I'd love to tell you that I just made all these up myself. Then I could start a new career, but this was way easier than that. I clicked a random link one day -- gatheredtable.com is my new life-saving menu planner site! You really should check it out. I've not made anything yet that we haven't liked. You can import your own recipes or ones from anywhere on the web and they'll work into the rotation. Changing the recommended menu to be just what you want is so easy. [No, I'm not on their payroll, but I am a huge fan. All of these recipes are available on their website. You might have to be a member to get to them, though.]

And that's my post for September 1st! Maybe I'll post more than once a quarter...but right now, I need to go check out next week's menu. 

What have you been eating lately?

Friday, July 17, 2015

So this happened.

Someone probably needs to call the guys in the white coats, because this has been happening this week:

That's right -- running FOUR DAYS out of five!

Consider this your warning that the zombie apocalypse is upon us, because I'm planning to outrun you. Obviously, I set no land speed records; there's still time for you to train so you outlive me. 

But let's look a bit closer, shall we? In case you missed it...

Why would you do that, you ask? It's simple -- heat. Texas in July, even in a weird year like this one, is not friendly to even walking outside after 8am. Pile on that RDub leaves for work at 6:30 AND he is psychologically unmotivated to do this by himself, and it's a perfect storm. The dogs need a walk, and they would die in the afternoon heat (or act like they will [Theo]). 

So it's a great plan, right? If we could just get our butts in bed by 10pm, we might not think we're all going to die of exhaustion. 

And that's been our week. What's going on with you?