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A list of stuff.

Apparently I have a habit of making lists to clear out my brain when I haven't blogged for a week or more. I've had time to blog, but nothing to say. I know, it shocked me too.

The weather cooled off, finally. Saturday morning I hit a new personal best for a run. It was only 59 degrees here when I left the house, and I got a wild hair to run for an hour and see how far I could go. The result: 
I was ridiculously excited about this. Also, sweaty and parched! I didn't start this running thing with any distance ultimately in mind -- not a marathon, or a half-marathon, or anything like that -- but knowing I CAN run almost five miles at once if I want to is huge. And I might survive the zombie apocalypse.

RDub was gone for about 5 days on a men-only camping trip. I had grand intentions of having a girls' weekend here, but plans, timing, blah blah, didn't work out. Instead, I did stuff like this:I had most of this stuff already - new this year are the napkins ($10 for 8) an…

Tasty Tuesday: Grilling Asparagus

Wow, a Tasty Tuesday post ON a Tuesday! Miraculous.

I've got an easy one for you today. It's my attempt to prove that even vegetables you don't really like are yummy when they're grilled!

Let's take asparagus. NOT my thing. They are shaped funny (although I liked the ones on Veggie Tales), they're green, and they make your pee smell weird (TMI, but it's true). All in all, not a food I'm going to seek out. 

But this summer, in my attempt to expand my food horizons, and to make my hubby happy - he'll eat anything - I ventured into asparagus land, mostly due to a grilling recipe I read. After a few times, I tweaked it and now it's in regular rotation. 

Start with the basics: Olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Oh and the asparagus. I recently discovered frozen asparagus spears that work great - you take out as many as you want. If you buy the fresh bundles, you need to break off the "less fresh" part -- just bend the stalk and it will…

On my mind.

I came across this quote in the lovely notebook I told you about here. I'm not sure how much time I've spent cherishing my visions and ideals -- maybe sometimes I do a bit more cherishing of other people's visions and ideals for me. Something I need to think about.

Have you seen this video yet? [Maybe someday I'll figure out how to actually embed it...] A Silent Message for All of Us
Talk about convicting. I'm still trying to find the right balance of all the things I should do and all the things I want to do...oh, and all the things I should want to do. Thoughtful week ahead. 
Do you find yourself on certain days just becoming more introspective? Mondays seem to be that day for me.


End of summer, start of school. Books. The Walking Dead. Goals for fall. Cooking. Eating. Trip to Seattle. Unplugging. Decorating. Movies. Consistency. Blogging.

Just a random sampling of the million things floating around in my head at any given moment. I have half-formed blogs, plans, notes on all of them -- and then the paralysis. 

Let's just grab one (or four) and go.

My baby girl is a senior in high school. A. Senior. How in the name of all that's holy did that HAPPEN? We're dealing with college apps, financial aid, 6 AP classes, and figuring out her future. No pressure or stress there.

I've been working to find the fine line between "doing stuff online" and just "wasting my life online" - harder than you might think. At any given moment, I might be listening to a movie or show on one laptop, checking Facebook on another, and playing that stupidly addicting Candy Crush on my phone. THAT, I believe, is over some line of sanity. So I took a week and …