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Family History

Things have been a little crazy around my mom's house the past month. She has a single-story, ranch-style house, and a pipe burst at one end of the house. It apparently spewed water all night while she was asleep, and it had soaked the carpet through three bedrooms and the hall, and into the front room before she knew it and turned off the water. Everything had to come out of those rooms and closets...42 years of living there, and it's gotta all be moved. 

Of course, that means we go through everything. It was like moving, but without the big truck and burly moving men. I live a couple of hours away from her, so the bulk of this work fell to my brother/sister-in-law who live there and have a more flexible schedule. The rest of us chipped in when we could. 

A couple of weeks ago, I went on a Saturday to help with closet clean-out. It happened to be the closet in what had been my dad's office; we'd cleaned in there several years after he had died, but apparently we did a l…