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Apparently I took the month of August off from blogging. Not sure that it was a conscious decision, but here I sit at the end of the month wondering where time went. It's not that I didn't have anything to say, but somehow I just kept avoiding completing a thought. I blame the heat in Texas - it's fried my brain.

On that note, SERIOUSLY? Sixty some-odd days of 100+degrees, 42 of them in a row? No appreciable rain in months. [Okay, there was that ONE storm, but who can remember...] The floors of my house are a wreck because the dogs go outside, jump in the pool to cool off, then run inside, dripping wet. It's fun and smells great. There's not enough Scentsy in the world...

So during this ridiculous heat wave, what do my daughter and I decide to do? Take up running. Yeah, take a moment to process that. I'm NOT a runner, I've never been a runner, I find very little about it appealing. But by golly, I want to hit an endorphin high sometime before I die. Which co…