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I'm back, for the moment.

We've officially begun the crazy part of the year. I always think April/May is when I can't catch up, but then October hits and I remember those earlier months fondly. Just a sampling of what I've been doing the last three weeks:

Volunteering at a cancer fundraiser:
Spending a morning with my girl getting her senior pictures made (and spending hours before that picking out clothes for it!):
Prepping for the same senior's 18th birthday party:
Dealing with this, two days before her birthday:

The party itself was a hoot. The photo booth was a hit:
Now it's time to put the house back into fall (that nice tablescape had to go away for the party), deal with my own birthday (NO party!) and Halloween, and get ready for a business conference in a couple of weeks. Did I mention that I also have a full-time job? And Christmas prep is just around the corner. 

But now, I'm getting on the treadmill and watching Buffy. And maybe it won't be weeks before I'm back to writing. 

My next 20 presents.

I have a new toy, and I better like it a whole lot, because it's all I get for the next 20 present "events."

For anyone who is new let's recap:

I started running a couple of years ago. I live in Texas.I ran through one of the hottest summers on record. Then I did it again the next summer.I got up at the crack of dawn during those hot summers to avoid some of the heat.Here we are at the beginning of fall and what do I do? Buy a treadmill. So I can run inside when it's cold. I never claimed to be very bright.
And this baby is nice. It's iFit compatible which means my workouts are tracked and available online. But that's not the coolest thing.

This is the basic screen. Default track running is boring, but when Buffy the Vampire Slayer is on the TV, I don't need much. 
HERE is the coolest thing:

It has videos of runs! This is the Hana Run - a Hawaiian path along the coast! Notice the time and distance noted here, but the runner controls the speed. And as you ru…