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Quite the busy weekend.

[I started this post last weekend. Does that give you any indication of how my week has gone?]

To recap a few things from the past 10 days or so...

I did some party food demos for a group:

...which actually started the day before with a lot of prep, and was followed by a bit of this:
The rest of the day was spent doing stuff like this:

Jumping ahead to the current weekend, we continued the party with a little of this:

But THIS was the most hilarious part of the yard work. Meet my favorite version of a redneck garden:

We've had the raised bed (the bottom part) from a few years ago, but it was just impossible to maintain. Between the dogs, weeds, rabbits, and birds, anything we grew was quickly trampled or eaten. When we saw this somewhere, it seemed like the perfect solution. RDub got a pallet and 2x4s for free and built the "table." Two bags of dirt, with drain holes, and that's it. I decided to start simply. Dwarf cherry tomatoes on the right, red onions on the left. 

I can…