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It starts now.

Over the last month, I've reread most of my blog postings (I'm hilarious, btw), especially for 2012. That's when I was most successful at weight loss and exercised most consistently. I was reading to try to figure out what I did right, and of course, when it started not working for me. I've debated the pros and cons of Weight Watchers, Paleo, counting calories, workouts, etc. 

It's been a while in the making, but tomorrow it begins -- Whole 30. For real. There will be one day off -- our anniversary is in a couple of weeks -- but otherwise, I'm in this until February 25th (31 days, to make up for the day off). 

There's a bit of prep involved, even when I know what I'm doing, so I've spent the week trying to figure out menus, plan what's most important for me to do this successfully, and just get my head in the right place. 

This weekend has been pretty busy...

I don't care what anyone says. Meal planning is not easy. I feel like I spent 20 hours …

2014: The Year in Review

Yep, I take two months off blogging and then I jump on the New Year bandwagon and here I am. Let's see where this goes. 

The Good:

The Food
I didn't take that many pictures of food this year...and I didn't do a lot of new recipes. But these pics still make me hungry...