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Something's happening here...

What it is, ain't exactly clear...

[If you're old enough to get the song reference, congratulations!]

Let's just do a list. It goes nicely with my complete lack of focus.

A. Is fall really going to show up? I am so excited! The windows are open, it's supposed to rain occasionally, and we might not get out of the seventies all week. Given that it's October, bring it on!

2. This family is on Weight Watchers. If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know it's been a couple of years. Sadly, the weight came back on when I lost focus and allowed a stressful job to stop me from doing what I knew to do. It's been a week, and I'm probably down a couple of pounds. We're also going to boot camp three times a week -- so I can safely say there's a little competitive spirit in the house. Everyone is tracking for themselves and so far no one is admitting to really falling off the points wagon. Just tonight, the comment was heard that "getting …

Family History

Things have been a little crazy around my mom's house the past month. She has a single-story, ranch-style house, and a pipe burst at one end of the house. It apparently spewed water all night while she was asleep, and it had soaked the carpet through three bedrooms and the hall, and into the front room before she knew it and turned off the water. Everything had to come out of those rooms and closets...42 years of living there, and it's gotta all be moved. 

Of course, that means we go through everything. It was like moving, but without the big truck and burly moving men. I live a couple of hours away from her, so the bulk of this work fell to my brother/sister-in-law who live there and have a more flexible schedule. The rest of us chipped in when we could. 

A couple of weeks ago, I went on a Saturday to help with closet clean-out. It happened to be the closet in what had been my dad's office; we'd cleaned in there several years after he had died, but apparently we did a l…

Break's over.

So.....I've been on a bit of a blogging break. Why, you ask? [Admit it, you asked.] 

Because it was my last summer with my girl before we can no longer deny she's an adult.

Because I haven't been feeling particularly interesting. 
Because work has been sucking the life outta me.
Because adding one more thing to my to do list ... just. no.

And yet, here I am! 

At the end of a summer that was full of change and experiences and fun and events, perhaps I should just bite the bullet and start a little series of recaps. 

Going all the way back to mid-May, we had this happen at our house. 
We had Prom Central here. Two of these girls got their hair and makeup done here, then the other two joined us for snacks and pictures before heading off to prom at Texas Stadium. (I know, that's not the real name now, but I don't care.)

This is my baby girl and the dress she picked. Remember the also-rans? She picked the right one.

Once there, they met up with friends and apparently had a great …

Photo Dump Posting!

I've gone almost the entire month of April without posting, because it's been a crazy few weeks. Let's take a no particular order...

Coby has had no new run-ins with strange dogs, no visible injuries. He has managed to train the dogs quite well to bend to his will.

The old man...

The demonic one...holding onto his tennis ball so the others can't get it.
And finally, trouble...

We got a new one of these! Aren't we lucky?

Okay, we're lucky that we could afford it and that RDub is handy enough to put it in without paying someone else, but seriously! We just had the outside of the house painted this week ($$$) and now this (more $$$). This homeowner stuff is seriously cutting into my fun doing things like this...

I don't know if I'm totally done with the table, but I realized a couple of weeks ago that I don't have spring stuff in my house. All my colors are golden/orange/brown, and I needed to lighten it up. I had the buckets and …

Quite the busy weekend.

[I started this post last weekend. Does that give you any indication of how my week has gone?]

To recap a few things from the past 10 days or so...

I did some party food demos for a group:

...which actually started the day before with a lot of prep, and was followed by a bit of this:
The rest of the day was spent doing stuff like this:

Jumping ahead to the current weekend, we continued the party with a little of this:

But THIS was the most hilarious part of the yard work. Meet my favorite version of a redneck garden:

We've had the raised bed (the bottom part) from a few years ago, but it was just impossible to maintain. Between the dogs, weeds, rabbits, and birds, anything we grew was quickly trampled or eaten. When we saw this somewhere, it seemed like the perfect solution. RDub got a pallet and 2x4s for free and built the "table." Two bags of dirt, with drain holes, and that's it. I decided to start simply. Dwarf cherry tomatoes on the right, red onions on the left. 

I can…

B f L Day 17: The end is near.

Who am I kidding? The end is here. The end of this goofy blogging experiment, that is. What was I thinking? How do people blog I don't have that many thoughts worth writing about, and the condition of my house proves that it takes me way too long to do this every day. 

But it has been kinda fun, in a weird, pressure-filled kind of way. I'd like to think I've restarted my interest in blogging, and maybe I'll get back to at least a couple of times a week, rather than once a month. 

To make up for somewhat bailing on this experiment, I'll go the more traditional route for the rest of Lent and give up something. Let's see...chocolate, sugar, coffee,, the vice list just goes on and on...

With 23 days left, I believe I will choose...refined sugars! [No, that's not a cheat like saying I'm giving up liver...I've had way too much sugar lately, so this will be good for me.] And for the record, I didn't plan far enough ahead to do…

B f L Day 16: In the news.

Some things:
Stacy Keibler and George Clooney broke up after a couple of years. Stacy is now married and pregnant. How do you handle being the guy after George Clooney?  Danica McKellar (Winnie) and Candice Cameron (DJ) are on this season of Dancing With the Stars. I lovedThe Wonder Years and Full House. I could never pick between those two - with or without dancing. And if they'd thrown Topanga into the mix, I'd have had to watch every single episode. I want this to be my next job. [To be clear - I want to be holding the water hose.] The Malaysian airliner situation just breaks my heart. Whatever happened, I can't imagine how the families of those passengers are coping with not knowing. There are several families I know who are really struggling right now--a 16-year-old in a car accident who is struggling with recovery, a mom recovering from back surgery, a grandmother with MS who has pneumonia...sometimes it seems so overwhelming and I just hope and pray they have the stren…

B f L Day 15: Wordless Wednesday

Almost wordless. This is in a corner of my office. I heard a few weird sounds. Then, this for about 45 minutes. Yes, those are my yoga mats. They were just rolled up standing in the corner.

B f L Day 14: C'mon Spring. I insist.

As I may have mentioned, I'm done with winter. Done. I've decided that Spring just doesn't know it's her time to shine, so I'm helping. 

Sunday it was about 45 and windy, but by golly that grill was going and we had fajitas. See, Spring? We remember you and look forward to your return.

Bug and I have been doing a workout series for the last week or so. Today we did the entire thing outside. Take that, Winter. It consisted of about 225 squats. We will not be moving tomorrow, so I won't care what the weather is.

Right now, I'm wearing a sundress and NO fuzzy socks. I believe this is the first time my feet have been uncovered for more than 10 minutes since about November. 

And I desperately need a pedicure. 

I planted my herbs a couple of weeks ago and I've been babying them since. Eventually, they will be so happy and look like this.

Let's all join in a chorus "Spring has sprung" and get this season started. 

What's your favorite season?

B f L Day 13: Happy Day o'the Green!

I'm not Irish. And I don't drink beer. And bright green isn't really my color. So why on earth am I doing a St Patrick's Day post?

[Ignore the 40 days of blogging pressure, and scraping bottom for ideas...]

Because it's a really cool story, that's why!

My 10 minutes of research has proven that this Saint Patrick had a very interesting life! Let's look at some of it, shall we?

This tradition dates back to around 400 a.d. That's a long freaking time ago, and yet the legend continues!At 16, Patrick was captured by pirates and sold as a slave in Ireland. His owner was a pagan priest of Druidism. He escaped after about six years of slavery.He entered the priesthood in France, and after about 20 years, was allowed to go to Ireland to convert the pagans there. In his years there, he converted thousands to Christianity.He is said to have used the three-leafed shamrock to explain the holy trinity. The legend that St Patrick banished all the snakes from Ireland is us…

B f L Day 12: This is my life.

This. Three rather large dogs, one rope, husband egging them on. 

Oh, and notice the fire in the fireplace. In. MARCH. In. TEXAS. 

Life right now is approaching ridiculous. 

B f l Day 11: Let's talk TV.

In the life of this blog, I've mentioned TV shows that I'm watching, or want to watch, or never want to watch, or not sure if I've a nutshell, I watch too much TV. But it's such cheap entertainment! I don't have to leave my house! I can pretend I'm only going to watch something when I'm on the treadmill, then finish the season on the couch. And now, with Netflix and Amazon and Hulu, I never have to watch more than a few commercials EVER. AGAIN. What's not to love?

On that note (and because I'm truly stuck for blogging ideas on this silly Lent idea I had), let's see what TV we can talk about.

Current likes:
Let's face it: I'm a follower. This list of my top shows will probably read like any other TV fan.

Downton Abbey: Love everything about this show. Oh, except for that killing off main characters without asking my permission thing. And the Daisy/Alfred/Ivy triangle that just annoyed me - but it's likely over now. Oh, and th…

B f L Day 10: Just some updates.

Man, Lent lasts a long time. 

For the inquiring minds, some updates on recent happenings:

The cable and phone service was restored about 7pm tonight. Total of about 28 hours out. I want a discount on my bill. I used my cell phone as a hot spot all day for work, but for whatever reason I couldn't be talking on the phone and on the internet at the same time. So much for conference calls where I do a screen share. Discount, AT&T. Cough it up.
Jake is still with us. Everyone is adjusting, although the cat is still a little skeptical. The humans are outnumbered, and the females are definitely outnumbered in this house. And anyone who wants to gift me with candles to disguise the smell of dog will be my new best friend. I will never get all the dog hair out of my house again. The whole weight loss thing is not going well. I'm still being pretty consistent with working out, up until I skipped tonight (I'll do it tomorrow!), but I'm eating crap and there's just no way to …

B f L Day 9: Charter vs UVerse

This is not going to be about what you think it's going to be about. This is not a request for opinion on the pros/cons of Charter Cable versus AT&T UVerse. But after tomorrow, it might turn into that. 

As of this afternoon, we have no Internet or land line phone. 

Not by choice.

By this:
Charter Cable is coming to the neighborhood. They brought signs. And lots of people with spray paint and little flags to clutter up the neighborhood.

Apparently the corner of my flowerbed is just a convergence of a whole bunch of lines. They're so powerful they knock the little flags over. Or they knock them outta the guy's hand and he just can't pick them back up.

Today I came back from an errand to discover I had no Internet access. Rebooted the router, nothing. Realized I didn't have a phone line either (neither land line worked). Have I mentioned that I work from home? All day, every day? Yeah, no phone or Internet is kind of a big deal. 

So...I call UVerse, to let them know that…