B f L Day 14: C'mon Spring. I insist.

I shamelessly stole this from somewhere on the web.
As I may have mentioned, I'm done with winter. Done. I've decided that Spring just doesn't know it's her time to shine, so I'm helping. 

Sunday it was about 45 and windy, but by golly that grill was going and we had fajitas. See, Spring? We remember you and look forward to your return.

Bug and I have been doing a workout series for the last week or so. Today we did the entire thing outside. Take that, Winter. It consisted of about 225 squats. We will not be moving tomorrow, so I won't care what the weather is.

Right now, I'm wearing a sundress and NO fuzzy socks. I believe this is the first time my feet have been uncovered for more than 10 minutes since about November. 

And I desperately need a pedicure. 

I planted my herbs a couple of weeks ago and I've been babying them since. Eventually, they will be so happy and look like this.

Let's all join in a chorus "Spring has sprung" and get this season started. 

What's your favorite season?


  1. Autumn. Spring is too windy here. Autumn is perfect temp, beautiful trees.


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