B f L Day 6: Senior Year Activity, Part 1

I named this Part 1 because there's no way there won't be more of these. Today I took part of the day off to go PROM DRESS SHOPPING with the girl. 

Moms, if you went to prom, take a moment to thank your mother. Being on this side of the experience was...fun, exhausting, sad, sweet, and a little unbelievable. Where is the baby I just had 5 minutes ago? How is it possible that we're approaching the end of her school years, and college is around the corner?

I'm not allowed to show the final dress - that will come when prom is actually here. But here are some of the runners up, with a disclaimer: she wasn't thinking about her hair or the look on her face when I took these!

We went to the bridal store first (and I told her she wasn't allowed to shop there again for MANY years). When shopping there, you're basically looking for style and size - they can order most colors. She was pretty set on blue - turquoise/teal/blue-green -- so we took time to find some different styles.

Let's start here:

She was pretty sure she didn't want strapless -- it's just not comfortable for her, but we tried a couple anyway. 

This one made the initial cut, even though it is strapless. A nearby bride even came over to look at it to see if she wanted it for her bridesmaids!

Then there was this one. It was gorgeous, and the deeper color just looked amazing. At this point, she had also tried on the one she ended up with, but this one would have been on the list...if they'd had her size. This one was just a little tight, and we didn't want to deal with major alterations. But it was a style we'd look for in other stores.

A couple more...

I was set against black, but this one made the first cut, too, and was quite elegant.

She tried this one on for the style, but I loved the color. Red isn't her thing, but we could have gotten it in another color if it had been a favorite. The halter was the option she wanted to test.

We put three on hold there, and went to Dillards to see if there was anything comparable.

Picture is a little fuzzy, but this was a beautiful dress. There are little sparkly beads all down the front, and the ombre fabric along the side with the ruffle was lovely. Best part - no hem needed! Length was perfect (which people under 5'5" knows is a miracle). This was the runner up to the eventual choice.

We picked three people to send the pics to, and asked them to vote. But it finally came down to what the girl wanted. Turns out it was even a little bit on sale, so win!

We'll get it hemmed in a few weeks, once we find shoes. Jewelry will be fun for that one, and she's looking at hairstyles. The final pictures of the selection will be posted on prom weekend! Girls are such fun!


  1. Ok!!!! So NOT NICE teasing me like this!!! I LOVE the 3rd pic...dark rich blue!! So beautiful! But really she is beautiful in all of them! Can't wait to see it all come together!


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