B f L Day 2: Fostering

This week started a new experience for the family.

This is Jake. He's a five-year-old Husky that has belonged to our neighbors. They got transferred and will be in an apartment for too long to keep him. They asked if we wanted him, and we said we'd try to find him a home. He's all over Facebook now, but so far no takers. We brought him home Tuesday afternoon to ensure he wouldn't end up at the pound. But that's not the point. 

I'm watching this dog go to the front door and just sit there. "It's been fun, but I'm ready to go home now." It is heartbreaking. He is learning to get along with our dogs, and the cat is trying to tolerate him, but he's obviously confused. He paces, nudges me, and won't eat. It's just so very sad. 

I'm sure he'll adjust, but I just don't know how much we're helping. He gets used to us and hopefully before long we find him a home. Then he has to go through it all again -- how is that fair? We already have two big dogs, a third is really not part of the plan.

Anyway, I'm sure it will work out. He's a sweet boy and he deserves to be happy and loved. I'm trying not to be angry at his original family -- it just feels like they should have tried harder, instead of starting this a week before leaving. But that doesn't help anything, so I'll get over it. I do believe that they miss him, and just didn't want him to be miserable stuck inside all day. So there's that. 
I should clean house before I take pictures.

If you know anybody who's looking for a sweet dog, let me know. And say a little prayer for all of us. We need it. And pray my vacuum cleaner doesn't break - the dog hair is multiplying exponentially. Oh, and that he'll eat soon - I'm starting to worry. 


  1. I talked to John, and he said one of his colleagues has mentioned wanting a husky. Unfortunately, Joe is in Taiwan for the next two weeks, but we're going to check with him anyway. Also, I have a friend who loves huskies, and he is putting the word out, too. Good luck finding a home for him!


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