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Cruise Report! Part 2

[If you missed Part 1, click here. ]

After all the snorkeling and kayaking in Roatan, we went back to the ship to change, then walked down the pier to the shops there.

And found Fat Tuesday's!Home of the spectacular frozen drink - margaritas, daiquiris, whatever they can mix up. And then, once you've had one of those... realize something has happened to your shoes and you have to stay there! We wandered around sipping on something cold and looking at all the goods. There was an inlaid-wood ice bucket that I'm still kicking myself for not getting. Hey! If anybody's gonna be in that neighborhood, pick one up for me, k?

On to Belize!
Had a fun evening on the boat while we made our way to Belize for the 2nd excursion. Brenda and Doug were going on a different one from the rest of us -- cave tubing -- and they left early that Wednesday morning. Ours didn't leave until almost noon, and we boarded a boat directly from the ship, so we were never actually in Belize City. …

Cruise Report! Part 1

I should realize I'm too old to wait very long before writing things down -- with my memory, two weeks is just asking for trouble!

The Setup
RDub and I settled on a cruise after weeks (months?) of discussing what we wanted to do for our 25th anniversary. We looked into all-inclusive resorts, travel to Europe, and any number of other options. We didn't have an unlimited budget, but we knew this would be a splurge and didn't want to worry too much about it once we decided what to do. We've cruised before (twice together, and another time for me) and have had good experiences -- nothing like what just happened to the Carnival cruise ship!

While we were considering, RDub was talking to a friend who had sailed on this cruise line when he and his wife got married. Their tenth anniversary was 3 days before ours, and just like that, this became a party! The splurge was to make it a full week, and to get a balcony room. Now we're a party of four.

But wait, there's more. …

Have you missed me??

I've missed being here! Things have been cray-zee lately but I'm trying to wrangle them back under control. Just a short list --

7-day cruise was FABULOUS and I can't figure out why we came back! Oh, the kid probably had something to do with it. Posts with pictures coming.Started an 8-week intensive personal training series -- it was my idea and for some reason decided that I couldn't put it off until some of the crazy ended...and now I'm too sore to move...Maybe because I came back FOUR POUNDS heavier from the cruise! Granted, two of them were gone in two days, but still.We have a house guest this month. And his dog. (Totals three dogs and a cat, if you're counting.)Because of the food on the cruise, I came back determined to do the menus and such that I know I have to do, and detox this body. So I've cooked (not "thawed") every night this week after a training session. It's exhausting. I'm reworking that plan.Anyway, about four posts are …