Have you missed me??

I've missed being here! Things have been cray-zee lately but I'm trying to wrangle them back under control. Just a short list --

  • 7-day cruise was FABULOUS and I can't figure out why we came back! Oh, the kid probably had something to do with it. Posts with pictures coming.
  • Started an 8-week intensive personal training series -- it was my idea and for some reason decided that I couldn't put it off until some of the crazy ended...and now I'm too sore to move...
  • Maybe because I came back FOUR POUNDS heavier from the cruise! Granted, two of them were gone in two days, but still.
  • We have a house guest this month. And his dog. (Totals three dogs and a cat, if you're counting.)
  • Because of the food on the cruise, I came back determined to do the menus and such that I know I have to do, and detox this body. So I've cooked (not "thawed") every night this week after a training session. It's exhausting. I'm reworking that plan.
Anyway, about four posts are in process (in my head, if not physically), and my first goal is to get back to pre-cruise weight.

But hey! Laundry is all done!

Tiny preview of what's to come...


  1. YES!! I have missed you! :) Can't wait to see you again girlie! I'm glad you had a good time!! Way to go on the intensive workout...I'm tired thinking about that! ;)


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