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Break's over.

So.....I've been on a bit of a blogging break. Why, you ask? [Admit it, you asked.] 

Because it was my last summer with my girl before we can no longer deny she's an adult.

Because I haven't been feeling particularly interesting. 
Because work has been sucking the life outta me.
Because adding one more thing to my to do list ... just. no.

And yet, here I am! 

At the end of a summer that was full of change and experiences and fun and events, perhaps I should just bite the bullet and start a little series of recaps. 

Going all the way back to mid-May, we had this happen at our house. 
We had Prom Central here. Two of these girls got their hair and makeup done here, then the other two joined us for snacks and pictures before heading off to prom at Texas Stadium. (I know, that's not the real name now, but I don't care.)

This is my baby girl and the dress she picked. Remember the also-rans? She picked the right one.

Once there, they met up with friends and apparently had a great …