Blogging for Lent

That's "Lent," not "lint." I'm not blogging for the stuff in my dryer or navel. But I've been sitting this year out on the blogging front, and I'd like to get back into it, so here goes: For the next 40 days, I'm going to post a blog 

[I've lost my mind.]

That's right, every day I will post something, probably something short, on some random topic. Hold me accountable, people. 

Day 1 (or maybe Day 40 if I want to do a countdown): Where Have I Been?
She's a brat, I tell ya. 
Basically, I've been fighting my inner five-year-old. Read this if you don't know what I'm talking about. I had all these plans to get back on the exercise and right-eating bandwagon, and that little brat just kept interfering. Oh, and so did the weather. Cold makes me cranky and depressed, and the excuses to just sit on the couch and eat chips seem so much more relevant with it's below freezing. And this is in Texas! I know, it's nothing compared to Chicago/Wisconsin/New Jersey, blah blah... I don't care. I'm not used to it, and it's been winter here for four months. I'm losing my mind. It seems like it should help that last weekend was 80 degrees on Saturday -- and then 20 degrees on Sunday. But no, it just makes it harder to adjust. 

The laundry alone is crazy - tshirts, shorts, fuzzy socks, and sweatshirts all in the same load. Ridic.

Anyway, as of Monday, I'm back on the straight and narrow. I signed up for 1fwtraining - downloadable workouts at all levels, using whatever equipment I want (I have it all, so I have options), and Bug is doing it with me. I'm tracking my food, something I haven't done in almost two years. But the pounds started jumping creeping back on and I have to stop that. I'm not buying new clothes in a larger size. N O T. 
I'd laugh, but that's not funny.
So it's been three days of eating well (under 1400 calories), getting some movement in, and generally just shutting up the five-year-old. She really is obnoxious.

Whoot! Day 1/40 done. Who knows, maybe I'll think about this Lent thing and come up with other stuff to do/not do. Guess I should hurry...


  1. 40 days blogging that sounds fun...looking forward to reading everything...good work on starting your eating well and maintaining it...


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