B f L Day 9: Charter vs UVerse

This is not going to be about what you think it's going to be about. This is not a request for opinion on the pros/cons of Charter Cable versus AT&T UVerse. But after tomorrow, it might turn into that. 

As of this afternoon, we have no Internet or land line phone. 

Not by choice.

By this:
Why am I not filled with confidence?
Charter Cable is coming to the neighborhood. They brought signs. And lots of people with spray paint and little flags to clutter up the neighborhood.

Apparently the corner of my flowerbed is just a convergence of a whole bunch of lines. They're so powerful they knock the little flags over. Or they knock them outta the guy's hand and he just can't pick them back up.

"Today, the entire Eastern Seaboard is alive with talk of incidents of paranormal activity. Alleged ghost sightings and related supernatural occurrences have been reported across the entire Tri-State area."
-- name the movie

Today I came back from an errand to discover I had no Internet access. Rebooted the router, nothing. Realized I didn't have a phone line either (neither land line worked). Have I mentioned that I work from home? All day, every day? Yeah, no phone or Internet is kind of a big deal. 

So...I call UVerse, to let them know that it's very likely that Charter has somehow interfered with their lines. Charter has no interest in talking to me because I'm not their customer, but AT&T should maybe pay attention, right? 


"Give it a couple of hours and then call us back," she says. 

RDub comes home, gets the story, calls AT&T. Yes, he's rebooted the router. No, there's no light on the "service" indicator. Verdict? It's a bad router. 

Yeah, AT&T, send us a new router, but that's not what it is. Whatever. Tomorrow is fine. 

We go for a walk with the dogs. As we arrive home, we see the AT&T truck parked next door and the guy going into our neighbor's back yard. Ever the stalker, RDub waits for him. 
It's true. I won't be watching Arrow on Netflix tonight -- that's TV like I've never seen.
What, our neighbor's UVerse service went out too? At 3pm? Just like ours? What are the odds that our routers died at exactly.the.same.moment? I'm gonna go play the lottery because obviously something is up.

Fifteen minutes later, RDub finally convinces the AT&T guy that maybe he should check the lines...which show interference. Hey, guess what? A new router isn't going to solve the problem, but the service guy coming out in the morning just might find the problem. 

How's my confidence in AT&T?

Well played, Charter, well played. 


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