B f L Day 4: Road Trip!

This is the house I grew up in.

It was yellow back then.
I made a quick trip to my momma's house today for a very important reason - tomorrow is her birthday. I surprised her today when I showed up on her porch with a flower delivery...rang the bell, then appeared behind the bouquet when she answered. [We'll save the "what are you doing answering the door when you can't see who it is?" discussion for later. I watch too much Criminal Minds.]

We went shopping at a little boutique in Waco where they sell lovely candles, flavored olive oils, and lots of stuff I don't need. 
Stop by if you're ever in town. It's a happy place. 
Then we went to lunch, at a place whose name Mom couldn't remember. Yes, seriously. It's "that little place in the shopping center...I'll know it when we get there." For the record, the name is Taqueria #9 on Valley Mills. And it was definitely tasty.
My sweet Momma
Shrimp, beef, and chicken fajitas for me, and tacos and enchiladas for her...and some rather spicy hot sauce. Doesn't get much better than that. 

Once you move away from home, things are never exactly the same. I moved away for the last time when I was 20, and since then I've married, graduated college, and raised children. When I go "home," it's because my family will always be there - and my mom is the best part of that. 

And this is what will be there to welcome me:

Puzzles. Always somewhere in the house.
And there's a puzzle upstairs in my house that needs my attention. The tradition continues. 


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