B f L Day 7: PANIC!

OMG I'm out of ideas for blogs!!!

Forty days.... F O R T Y days! How on earth am I going to do this?! [TK, get a grip. Jesus withstood temptation for forty days in the desert...you're talking about blogging. Seriously.]


Let's talk random stuff then. [It's the safe talk of bloggers everywhere. I googled it. It's an officially sanctioned strategy when you have absolutely nothing to say. Expect a lot of this in the next 33 days.]

1. RDub has introduced the fam to a new show -- Arrow. Premise: Spoiled rich kid is stranded on an uncharted island after his yacht sinks, killing his father and sister-of-girlfriend-he-was-cheating-with. Rescued, comes back to right the wrongs his father had done. Oh, and the girlfriend is still around, pissed that her sister is dead AND that he cheated on her, AND their father is the police. He uses...wait for it...arrows (and a hoodie as a disguise). I sound sarcastic, but it's really good. Elliot Queen keeps up the pretense of being a poor little rich guy without a care in the world, as he works to bring the bad guys to...I'd say justice, but that's not it...he really doesn't care if they come to justice so much as he wants them to get caught at all the bad stuff they've done. And then there's the little sister... Watch it. Fun.

2. This weather is completely ruining my mood. The last two days have been unbelievably gorgeous -- 75-80 degrees, sunny, perfect outside weather to inspire thoughts of gardens and frolicking in the park...we had the windows open all day, and tonight we turned on the air conditioner! (Yes, we closed the windows first.) We only did it in protest of what is going to happen after 10pm -- dropping to the 30s with a high in the 50s tomorrow. We're in denial. I'm going to wear shorts tomorrow in protest. And I won't turn on the heater until I'm forced to do so. 

Get it?
3. My 30th high school reunion is coming up this summer. I'm trying not to be completely freaked out by that. Sympathy accepted.

4. I have a hard time saying any one thing is my "favorite," but right now, I'm completely infatuated with Pharrell Williams' "Happy" - like the rest of the world. I was driving home from my mom's on Saturday and was literally bopping my head and clapping against the steering wheel. How does anyone stay still during this?

5. I have to figure out animated gifs if I'm going to keep this blogging thing going. I hereby swear that I will find out how to do it before my next "I have nothing to say here" blog entry. Keep me accountable, people. 

So, how's this Blogging for Lent thing going? I've been enjoying it...


  1. I love having something to read by you every day! I admit to loving "Happy", too (see what I did there with that comma?), but I can remember a time in my life when it would have made me want to throw a brick at the radio. Love you!

    1. I'll take you out to the woodshed later about the comma. And right? That song 20 years ago would have made me crazy.


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