B f L Day 10: Just some updates.

Man, Lent lasts a long time. 

For the inquiring minds, some updates on recent happenings:

  • The cable and phone service was restored about 7pm tonight. Total of about 28 hours out. I want a discount on my bill. I used my cell phone as a hot spot all day for work, but for whatever reason I couldn't be talking on the phone and on the internet at the same time. So much for conference calls where I do a screen share. Discount, AT&T. Cough it up.

  • Jake is still with us. Everyone is adjusting, although the cat is still a little skeptical. The humans are outnumbered, and the females are definitely outnumbered in this house. And anyone who wants to gift me with candles to disguise the smell of dog will be my new best friend. I will never get all the dog hair out of my house again. 
  • The whole weight loss thing is not going well. I'm still being pretty consistent with working out, up until I skipped tonight (I'll do it tomorrow!), but I'm eating crap and there's just no way to work out enough to make up for that. Tomorrow is another day. The incentive better kick in soon because...
  • We just booked the graduation trip to Jamaica! A whole week in Runaway Bay coming in July. Hooray!
Here. Only 19 weeks from now. 
Now you're all up to date! And it's the weekend! Whoot!


  1. your graduation trips looks like lots of fun :)

  2. Have you tried Husky Rescue? https://www.facebook.com/TexasHuskyRescue


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