B f L Day 17: The end is near.

Who am I kidding? The end is here. The end of this goofy blogging experiment, that is. What was I thinking? How do people blog every.single.day? I don't have that many thoughts worth writing about, and the condition of my house proves that it takes me way too long to do this every day. 

But it has been kinda fun, in a weird, pressure-filled kind of way. I'd like to think I've restarted my interest in blogging, and maybe I'll get back to at least a couple of times a week, rather than once a month. 

To make up for somewhat bailing on this experiment, I'll go the more traditional route for the rest of Lent and give up something. Let's see...chocolate, sugar, coffee, wine...wow, the vice list just goes on and on...

With 23 days left, I believe I will choose...refined sugars! [No, that's not a cheat like saying I'm giving up liver...I've had way too much sugar lately, so this will be good for me.] And for the record, I didn't plan far enough ahead to do this so there was no big blowout on Fat Tuesday (or today). I honestly sat here trying to figure out a blog post and had this idea. How's that for impulse?

Wish me luck. And I won't wait a month before posting again. 


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