B f l Day 11: Let's talk TV.

In the life of this blog, I've mentioned TV shows that I'm watching, or want to watch, or never want to watch, or not sure if I've watched...in a nutshell, I watch too much TV. But it's such cheap entertainment! I don't have to leave my house! I can pretend I'm only going to watch something when I'm on the treadmill, then finish the season on the couch. And now, with Netflix and Amazon and Hulu, I never have to watch more than a few commercials EVER. AGAIN. What's not to love?

On that note (and because I'm truly stuck for blogging ideas on this silly Lent idea I had), let's see what TV we can talk about.

Current likes:
Let's face it: I'm a follower. This list of my top shows will probably read like any other TV fan.

Downton Abbey Love everything about this show. Oh, except for that killing off main characters without asking my permission thing. And the Daisy/Alfred/Ivy triangle that just annoyed me - but it's likely over now. Oh, and the stupid British TV season that means just as I'm settling in, it's over for 9 months. The clothes, the castle, Mrs Hughes, Mr Bates, Isis...love it all.

I want to be Lady Grantham when I'm 80. Or tomorrow. Either works for me.
Justified: This is such a guilty pleasure. Raylan's hat (and his Wranglers), Boyd's amazing way with words, Jere Burns as Wynn (Jere in anything)...all add up to a riveting show. Sure there's too much violence, and too many random hookups, but it really does advance the story! And what a story -- where's Raylan going to end up now? 
Timothy Olyphant. 'Nuff said.
Walking Dead: I don't know where to begin. There is no logic to my love for this show. I don't do gore or things jumping out at me, and this show is full of both. But the character development is unmatched by anything on TV, in my opinion. Watching the changes these characters go through as they face the unimaginable is a glimpse into any group you're a part of. Think you know how you'd react to never ending crises and tragedy? Think again. And get some target practice in with the weapon of your choice, just in case. 
Okay, forget character development. It's all about the arm porn.
Growing up Fisher: It's probably premature to put this one on the list, because there have been three episodes. But I find this sitcom so funny and touching, and I hope it stays around a long time. If you haven't heard, it stars J.K. Simmons (Farmer's insurance commercials, and The Closer) as a blind lawyer. His family knows, but everyone else has no idea he's blind. The story is narrated by Jason Bateman, as the voice of his son. And Dharma is his ex-wife! Give it a try!
Yes, the blind one is steering.
Shows I will forever select from the Guide, no matter how many times I've seen the episode:
NCIS: Gibbs and DiNozzo. Forever and ever, amen. 
Criminal Minds: Penelope, Morgan, Reid. Love them all. And the one with C. Thomas Howell as the bad guy who goes after Hotch's ex-wife makes me cry every time. 
Reba: If you didn't watch this when it was on, find it in reruns. Hilarious cast, awesome story line, and just so much fun. 

Series that I've recently watched on Netflix all at once, because I missed them the first time around:

I refuse to be embarrassed, but last year I watched the entire eight seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and loved it (at least until the last two seasons). I had no idea at the time that this was going to be such a cult thing, but I finally decided to find out what the deal was. Oh my word, it was hilarious and dramatic and cheesy...and so much fun. And Angel (David Boreanaz pre-Bones) was hot! I found I would go faster on the treadmill during the fight scenes of this one!

Right now, I'm watching Charmed on Netflix. This show is one of those that I would almost always watch when I was traveling for business. It seemed to be in reruns on one of those few channels I'd get in the hotel, and always in the morning while I was getting dressed. So I'd seen random episodes and liked them, but never in order, and I didn't really know the background. I love this show. The sisters and the spells and the "innocents" -- it's just something I enjoy. Sure, it has its cheesy moments (nothing nearly like Buffy!) but it's fun to watch. And the clothes -- as if anyone would wear what the sisters call "business attire," even in California! 

Have you watched any of these? What'd you think? What's on top of your list?


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    1. I know, but since I'd just written about it a couple of days ago, I thought I'd save it for another time. I've got 29 more of these to do and I'm not THAT creative.

  2. Criminal Minds....my FAVORITE...BUT I canNOT watch the episodes with that guy. I bawled uncontrollably when he killed Hotch's wife the first time...I can't watch it in reruns. Just can't. But all the others I LURVE!! And love Reba...a lot!!


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