I'm back, for the moment.

We've officially begun the crazy part of the year. I always think April/May is when I can't catch up, but then October hits and I remember those earlier months fondly. Just a sampling of what I've been doing the last three weeks:

Volunteering at a cancer fundraiser:
First cold Saturday this year - and we're outside all day.
Spending a morning with my girl getting her senior pictures made (and spending hours before that picking out clothes for it!):
They all turned out so great, but this is my favorite.
Prepping for the same senior's 18th birthday party:
Thank you, Pinterest, for making me think I HAD to make these!
(That's minion duct tape on the left one.)
Popcorn bar to go with the pizza -- I refused to cook.
Dealing with this, two days before her birthday:
She's fine. The car is at the hospital. The other driver's car was toast.
This little guy held up surprisingly well.

The party itself was a hoot. The photo booth was a hit:
Props from Amazon, Picmonkey for the filmstrip setup
Now it's time to put the house back into fall (that nice tablescape had to go away for the party), deal with my own birthday (NO party!) and Halloween, and get ready for a business conference in a couple of weeks. Did I mention that I also have a full-time job? And Christmas prep is just around the corner. 

But now, I'm getting on the treadmill and watching Buffy. And maybe it won't be weeks before I'm back to writing. 

Happy fall!


  1. You just crack me up....constantly!! I am so glad to have you for a friend!! :))


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