Apparently I took the month of August off from blogging. Not sure that it was a conscious decision, but here I sit at the end of the month wondering where time went. It's not that I didn't have anything to say, but somehow I just kept avoiding completing a thought. I blame the heat in Texas - it's fried my brain.

On that note, SERIOUSLY? Sixty some-odd days of 100+degrees, 42 of them in a row? No appreciable rain in months. [Okay, there was that ONE storm, but who can remember...] The floors of my house are a wreck because the dogs go outside, jump in the pool to cool off, then run inside, dripping wet. It's fun and smells great. There's not enough Scentsy in the world...

This is how they spend the day waiting for everyone else to get home. Yes, that's Theo crowding Beau every chance he gets. Bette tries to stay away.
So during this ridiculous heat wave, what do my daughter and I decide to do? Take up running. Yeah, take a moment to process that. I'm NOT a runner, I've never been a runner, I find very little about it appealing. But by golly, I want to hit an endorphin high sometime before I die. Which could be this week, given that the c25K program Week 9 is all about running for 30 minutes straight. So far, my longest continuous run/jog is 18 minutes, with an overall total of 27 minutes out of the 30. It's ridiculous, and I have no idea why I'm doing it other than I won't quit on her. Proof positive that having a workout partner ramps up the guilt to insane levels.

[HEY! I just found an upside to needing reading glasses! Eating cereal, see a spot that really looks like it could be a bug...can't tell for sure, so just move on! Sweet!]

Anyhoo. All this time away from blog writing should have given me plenty of time to figure out what to write about -- maybe a theme. But sadly, I'm no closer to deciding. Some of the ideas, in no particular order:
  • Food - recipes, pictures, party menus, etc. Would be fun, and something I love to do. I just don't do it all that often, at least during the week. AND there are approximately 4.3 million blogs that already do that.
  • Books/movies - reviews, commentaries, lists. For an English major, I'm not very deep when it comes to what I like, so that might be a downside. Or I may just really enjoy it.
  • Photography journey - learning how to take better ones, or use Photoshop, or something. Lord knows I'd be starting from scratch. I can't even remember to take my camera most places. Long shot here. [Bonus! I got to here and ran to take the picture I posted above. Yay!]
  • Randomness -- THIS I have down to a science. See above for proof.
  • All of the above, aka "cop out" on decision-making.
So, here at the end of one month, I'm going to make a conscious effort to stop procrastinating. I'll quit editing myself by saying "that's not funny/you forgot pictures/that's been done 4000 times" and just start writing again. That I'm deciding this right when I'm about to start teaching one class and taking another just means I'll be busy, and I won't use it as an excuse. Anyone reading this, keep me honest, okay? I'd appreciate it.


  1. First, I LOVE the picture of the pups! Theo is hilarious and Beau is very tolerant.

    Second, I love reading your blog, and the "randomness" is my favorite thing about it. Mostly because I can see you saying every single word...I feel like I'm having a conversation with you when I read your writing. It's great. Honest!


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