End of summer, start of school. Books. The Walking Dead. Goals for fall. Cooking. Eating. Trip to Seattle. Unplugging. Decorating. Movies. Consistency. Blogging.

Just a random sampling of the million things floating around in my head at any given moment. I have half-formed blogs, plans, notes on all of them -- and then the paralysis. 

Let's just grab one (or four) and go.

  • My baby girl is a senior in high school. A. Senior. How in the name of all that's holy did that HAPPEN? We're dealing with college apps, financial aid, 6 AP classes, and figuring out her future. No pressure or stress there.

Bug's senior ring

  • I've been working to find the fine line between "doing stuff online" and just "wasting my life online" - harder than you might think. At any given moment, I might be listening to a movie or show on one laptop, checking Facebook on another, and playing that stupidly addicting Candy Crush on my phone. THAT, I believe, is over some line of sanity. So I took a week and just stopped.. I'd had a set of books I wanted to read, so I stayed (for the most part) off Facebook, put down my phone, and tried to limit the multi-playing. (I'd call it multitasking, but there was no tasking.) I was moderately successful, but mostly, I became VERY aware of what I was doing. Now I've got to figure out what to do with that information.
This is where Satan spends his time, too.It's the only explanation.
  • Speaking of books, the series I just read was one of the most frustrating and irritating I've read in a while! How's that for a book review? It was a trilogy (I don't think there are any more) and the first one was very good. It sucked me into the characters and by the end I was breathlessly paging to finish. Loved it. The second one continued the characters -- the next generation, introduced in the first book -- and started out pretty well. By the end, I had never wished so desperately for a character to die. Mostly just one of them, but I realized I wasn't liking very many of the players at this point. On to book three...about 30 pages in, I finally realized what it was -- the author was telling the exact same story three different times: Girl meets boy, who will either be a jerk or too sweet to be real. Girl may or may not marry boy, but will sleep with him. Girl gets pregnant - boy is either the father and hates the idea, or not the father and loves the idea. Throw in a war, or a financial crisis, and then somebody dies. The end. Looking back, all three followed this formula, which I suppose is a proven fictional device. The problem is that this was the same family in all three books -- can't anyone learn from others' mistakes? It became hugely irritating to me, but maybe I was just having online withdrawal and was cranky. Well-written, which I appreciate, but honestly. 
The setting is a family-owned publishing company in England, starting in 1910.
But I'm about to jump into this...
It better be as good as I've heard!
Whew. Getting that stuff off my brain feels great! Now I'm going to unplug and go work on paper for a while, setting up some new fall plans and schedules. 

What's your biggest challenge these days? Time? Prioritizing? Something else?


  1. You crack me up!!! Guess I don't need to read those books since you gave away the ending!!! Hahahaha! ;)

    1. I didn't COMPLETELY give it away. Not everyone dies. And there was other stuff in there, I just got overly annoyed by book 3. :-)


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