Whole 30, Week 3

[Not even lying that I started this almost two weeks ago and am finally going to finish and post...]

I'll skip to the end first: Whole30 ended at about Whole21. It wasn't a failure though. I was reminded of quite a few things during the three weeks. 

It's called Whole30, not Whole365 for a reason -- it is just next to impossible to maintain that level of strictness every single day. Getting sick was just the first part -- when nothing tastes good or sits well, you eat what you can. Next, an anniversary deserves to be a celebration! I was not going to feel "deprived" by not having a glass of wine or a breadstick.... These things came up during the month I'd had planned, and that's just how life works. 

But I was reminded of how I feel when I choose certain foods over others. I can't eat cheese and feel good. Period. I can't eat much bread/flour and lose weight. Just can't. It's also a trigger food for me -- once I'd broken that after two weeks, it was ridiculously hard not to crave it. I need to stay away from it as much as possible. It also messes with my stomach at times, so staying away from it is just the best choice.

Here's one: I don't actually need coffee to live. I don't need caffeine to function. I LIKE those things, but I don't need them. Same with wine - which is good to remind myself! I've had coffee for the last few days and it's tasted great. I'm using less sweetener and creamer than before, which is good. 

Major reminder: If I don't meal plan, I eat crap. We made a huge dent in the freezer stock, and I got a new cookbook. The frozen weather around here gave me a challenge of cooking without making an attempt to go to the store first. I managed a few things just fine!
One of the prettiest frittatas I've ever made!
Sausage, zucchini, and Cali blend veggies
Anyway, I lost about six pounds. I fully expect some of that to come back with the carbs, but I'm more faithful in my workouts and trying to be thoughtful about the carbs I do eat (not counting the cornbread I made this week because it's freaking cold here right now). 

I'm also researching some modified options that will make me feel my best, have energy, and not pack on weight. More to come on that..

And with that, I'm hitting publish! Whoot!


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