Whole30, Week 2

This week didn't turn out exactly as planned. 

Monday's bootcamp was ridiculous:
  • 50 mountain climbers
  • 20 squats
  • 20 push ups
  • 50 lunges
  • 100 high knees
  • 20 sumo squats
  • 30 moving push ups
  • 40 step ups (20 per leg)
  • 50 run lunges
We made it through three times -- and my hatred for push ups stands. Ridiculously sore on Tuesday and Wednesday, which made what happened Wednesday even more difficult to figure out. 

Monday's dinner was the lovely chicken and lime soup I wrote about here, and on Tuesday we took chicken and beef fajitas to Bug. She's house- and animal-sitting this week for friends -- and by animals, I mean 11 dogs, 14 horses, some number of rabbits, chickens, pigs, alpacas, and goats. It's been cold this week, so she's having fun feeding animals at 6am when it's 26 degrees. We fed her, then went and visited the animals. That adorable baby pig was fast! He didn't want to be held, obviously.

Around 2pm Wednesday, I realized I was running a fever, my head was killing me, and I hurt all over. Fever got up to a bit over 101, which is major for me, and I was pretty sure death was near. (Dramatic much?) I'm writing, so obviously I didn't die. I haven't been truly sick for at least a year, and my tolerance is really low. I worked a couple of hours on Thursday, then pretty much laid on the couch all day. 

And that's when I had to break Whole30 a bit. First was the Theraflu -- aspartame in that one. Wednesday was leftover fajitas, so no issue there, but the only thing that sounded good on Thursday was egg drop soup. I'd already finished my chicken soup, so we ordered take out. It was really good soup, which actually is Paleo (or close to it), but those spring rolls? Not so much. The peach whiskey shot I had to stop my cough wasn't Paleo either. 

On Friday, I felt almost human--no fever--but my head was still just hanging on by a thread. I didn't eat a lot, but the leftover fajitas kept me on track that day. Friday was our anniversary, and I knew dinner on Saturday was coming...
Anniversary bouquet - my favorite!
We went to our "usual" anniversary restaurant - they had even sent us a gift card because we celebrate there often! A salad and a few pieces of rosemary bread first, and then...
Crab-stuffed ocean trout with a whipped wine/butter mousse,
polenta cake, and braised cabbage
Crab stuffing was a bit spicy, the trout (which I wasn't sure I liked before I ordered it) was fabulous, and the cabbage is ridiculously good--it's on all their dishes and I wonder every time why I like it. 

But seriously, let's get to the important stuff:
Yeah, pick one.
If you know me, you know creme brulee is almost impossible for me to ignore, and I've had it at this restaurant before. But we had to split something (to manage the insanity) and it's not RDub's favorite...

...and the bread pudding it is! So, so very good -- that Texas rum caramel sauce made us want to lick the plate. We left there full and happy. 

Sunday, as usual, is for meal planning and grocery shopping. I'm still not quite fully recovered, but at least I can think without my head hurting. Meals for this week are a little iffy, but we'll have pizza soup Monday, Paleo chick-fil-a-style chicken nuggets Tuesday, and spaghetti on Thursday. I really hope I can handle boot camp tonight - I'll probably take it a little easy just to be sure I make it through. The weather is gorgeous this week, which should help with the workouts. 

This post has been all over the place! I think I should stop and get on with the day. 


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