I have a confession. I have issues with knowing my own limits. The whole idea that I HAVE limits annoys me, so I just push forward. I say things like, "But I want to!" as a reason for taking on 68 things at the same time. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not.

I also love fall. [I love it more when it's not 97 degrees outside, but that's a different topic.] The colors, the air, the food, the clothes -- other than Christmas, it's the one season I actually change the decor of my house.

When fall hits, I get inspired to take on projects of all types, and usually all at the same time. This past weekend, I was in the mood to bake something, so I promised the kid cupcakes (Project#1).

Snickerdoodle cupcakes!
I knew I wanted to get the dining room table decorated for fall (P#2)...
Not quite finished yet

but then I noticed how bad the chair fabric looked after 8 years. So let's recover the dining chairs (P#3)!
Eight chairs in one day!
And I still had the rest of the pantry to organize after installing the lovely door spice rack my guy made me (P#4).

Chalkboard contact paper! My new favorite thing!

There was a housewarming party on Sunday, and I really wanted to make a particular gift (P#5). This was the one that actually dropped off the list, sadly.
Gonna manage to do this one eventually

What's the downside, you ask? Let's see...
1. My house is a wreck. Scraps, tools, messes everywhere...
2. "Normal" things don't get done -- like laundry.
3. Sunday comes and I wonder where the heck the weekend went.
4. My house is still a wreck.

Yesterday I looked at my master planner (of course I have one, don't you?) and realized that my grand plans from the beginning of the month are almost exactly where they were then. It's time to reevaluate the plan! Maybe I'll start a new life analysis project... 


  1. wow, all your projects look great! where you do you get the energy??? btw, my house also looks a wreck, but i have nothing to show for it.

  2. The real wonder of all this, to me, is that you can actually DO all this stuff! My house is a wreck, too, but it's because I'm lazy, not because I have all these creative things I want to do. Even if I wanted to do them, they would look crappy when I was done. You rock!


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