Cruise Report! Part 3

First, my deepest apologies to the two of you who have been waiting around for Part 3. It's been an insane week and not in a good way.

Second, if you are my mother or my child, stop reading now. Seriously, there was nothing happening during this part of the trip you need to know about.

Third, if you were on the trip with me, apologies in advance for the editing that's about to happen. It's because I know my daughter and my mom well enough to know they completely ignored my directions above.

Our last stop on the cruise was Cozumel, where I've been several times before, and that I love every time we go. All of us opted not to take excursions on this stop. The ship docks right at the pier, so you can set your own schedule and just walk down to the shops in town. It's very touristy and cheesy and I love it all. We left about 10 that morning after watching the Carnival ship park next to us.

You're blocking my view, honey.

 If you've never been, the pier shops in Cozumel is a lot of this:

We don't know any of those people, but holler if you recognize yourself.
Shops sell all kinds of stuff you don't need.

It's kinda like the airport gift shops - stuff just to prove you were in Mexico.
We split up and shopped for a couple hours. Of course, like any highly-functioning group of travelers, you must have a plan to meet up later. Where could we go that everyone could find in a strange place?

Oh, right. That place you can't miss just as you get off the ship.

No adult beveragess had been consumed at this point.
It'll only get worse from here.

"We don't have beer, just tequila."
"What's tequila?"
"Uh, it's just like beer."

I have no explanation for this. The donkeys were just THERE.
We were planning to eat. Rafaela, our waitress had other plans.

Yep, that's what she's doing. She said her record for "breaks" in a shift was 11.
And we didn't knock them off as we took them from her, either.
This was how it started. At some point, there were sombreros...

I told you they would pose for any camera.
 ...and there were shots that had some inappropriate touching involved. No pictures. You're welcome.

They told us to say "tequila" instead of "cheese." We didn't argue.
Seriously, this was so much fun. We headed back to the ship and the entire restaurant was sorry to see us go. No, really. They told us.

Of course, there was the brief stop at one of the shops where we were met with shouts of "TOO MUCH TEQUILA" by the greeter, I suppose to warn everyone we were there. Given that Kelly proceeded to knock a bunch of pieces off a chess board, it was probably a good warning. In her defense, they were set really low and her purse was just the right height...She probably shouldn't have tried to pick them up, though...

And back to the ship we went!

Another day of forced leisure...don't know how we could stand it.

Dinner was a party...and the waiters were in it!
Luis, Marius, and our headwaiter (who's name escapes me and he is hiding his nametag). 

Baked Alaska! And it was worth every bite!

We were in our last night on the ship. It was time to get serious. There was a lot of work to do...

Those stylin' hats are now the property of a bartender, a keyboard player, and a DJ on the ship! I fully expect to see them wearing them on our next cruise. We were the favorites at the club that night!

Is anyone shocked that Kelly had the tiara? Yeah, we weren't either.

There was a little of this...lead singer wearing the hat...
We don't know the guy in black...but he stared a lot.

And some of this -- it was the keyboardist's birthday! So the lead singer (the one on the left if you couldn't tell) gave her the hat!

My hat ended up with the DJ, who politely asked if we wanted it back when we got ready to leave. What am I going to do with a dinosaur hat? Wear it to the gym?

And that, my dear reader(s), is that. We could not have asked for a better group to travel with, and the food and service was incredible. If you've never cruised and want to, feel free to comment with any questions. If you've cruised and loved it, tell me! If you have no interest in being in that much water, I understand and I'll pray for you.

Here are just a few of my favorite parting pictures. Deckers and Gibsons -- love you all!

This one needs that head floating in the background, a la Olan Mills.

i don't know the people int he background, but my husband never smiles in pictures!

Look! He's smiling again!
I guess if I take him on a ship and ply him with drink, he'll do it!

Thanks for hanging around for the recap. Back to our regularly scheduled blog soon!


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