Tasty Tuesday: Easy Skillet Dinner

This meal (and variations of it) has become one of our go-to, too-tired-to-really-cook meals. For a while, it was every Friday, then it started sneaking into Wednesdays, and I've been known to make it when I'm the only one around to eat it!

When I was doing cookups every week, this skillet dinner became the best way to use up the chicken/beef/sausage as well as leftover veggies I'd cooked during the week. Before long, though, I'd gotten attached to the sausage I use almost all the time now -- it's "close" to Paleo (sausage has a tiny bit of sugar in it). The variations are almost endless -- so let's get to it.

What you need:
Already looks complicated, doesn't it?
 Favorite frozen vegetables - I use sugar snap peas and California blend
Cooked meat(s) - tonight it was my beloved Andouille sausage and some frozen shrimp
Minced garlic
Favorite spices or spice mix -- I use a mesquite blend with a little kick

Heat the oil and add the garlic and spices to it. Stir and cook for less than a minute - just to release the oils from the spices

Here comes the hard part. Open the packages of veggies and throw them in the pan. Give it a stir to distribute the spices, and put the lid on. If you're using any frozen meat, add it now, too (like the shrimp here).

Add the cooked meat -- dice chicken, or slice up these sausages. I've used ground beef and ground sausage before, too. If you need to cook a meat for this, I recommend doing it in a separate pan, but then I have issues with meat juice. Don't be like me.

It all looks so pretty! Keep the lid on and simmer on medium until it's hot (about 20 minutes).

Note: You can absolutely use fresh veggies, too. I love to add squash and zucchini. If you do, keep the chunks kind of thick so they don't get all mushy. I'd heat the frozen stuff first, then drain off excess liquid before putting the fresh vegetables and cooked meats in. Then give it about 10 minutes more to cook.

Fix yourself a big bowl and know you're doing something healthy! And yes, I'm sure this would be lovely with some mozzarella cheese, but I don't go that way.


What's your lazy night meal?


  1. That looks delish (minus the shrimp...I hate seafood)!! Yummo!


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