Happiness in the mailbox.

I wrote a different post and it bored me so much, I decided to start over.

Have you guys found this yet? It's called Birchbox and it's a monthly subscription to happiness!

Okay, that may be overselling it a little. But it's a subscription to at least a smile or two!

Each month this box arrives, usually inside of a PINK box -- so you immediately know you're getting free stuff!

The suspense builds...

...until you finally see the goodies inside! This was November's box, and I'm telling you that the tube of blue face cream is miraculous!

Basically, they're trial sizes of (mostly) high-end products. [I say mostly because my first box had a new formulation of Chapstick in it!] The tiny tube here is CC cream, which I've been wanting to try, and now I make bargains with myself about when I can use it -- it's a tiny tube, after all, and I don't want to waste it! I took this hairspray on a recent trip, and it passes the airport check.

See that blue box? Let's open it.

CHOCOLATE! And what is to date the best eyeliner I've ever used.

The other selling point they make is that when you purchase the full-size of any of these items, you get a discount, like 10-20% or something. I haven't done that yet. I think I have trouble committing! These are relatively expensive, so the sample sizes work just fine for me. This eyeliner is $16 regularly, so it might get to stay in my cabinet. Or they might send me something I like better next month!

Anyway, it's great fun, and I split the contents (sometimes) with the girl, so it all gets used. $10 a month and you get to select the things you are most interested in trying. I swear I didn't pick chocolate from the list, so they take some liberties!

[Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement,sadly. But I think I get something if you tell them I told you! I found out at Christmas that my sister, who hooked me on this, heard about it from her youngest daughter, who heard about it from her older sister! I'll bet it's a pyramid scheme, now that I think about it. Not really. Just sign up if you want to!]


  1. I'm to cheap to sign up for something like this but i LOVE to read about what people get. :)


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