Catching up.

I was thinking the other day about catching up with old friends, say ones you haven't really talked to in 10 years or more. With Facebook, it probably happens a lot more than it used to. How do you decide what's worth sharing from your life, when minutiae is not really the point? So I started thinking of a top 10 list of those things that really define my life. Those things that, if Oprah asked me why I am the way I am, I wouldn't hesitate to list as the biggest influences on my life in the last 15 years or so. Some are obvious, I think...and I'll bet this list will change over time. But right now:

6. Changing jobs in 2005

5. Going to India in 2002

4. Deciding to go back to church in 1998

3. Reagann's birth in 1995

2. Daddy's death in 1999

1. Zac's death in 2002

Hm. Now that I actually write them down I can only come up with 6 real ones. That's something to think about.

What will I add in the next 10 years? What will come off this list?
What's on your list?


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