Stuff I love.

The title is misleading. I don't mean "stuff" like possessions, although some of the stuff below is stuff. (Huh?) I was just thinking about little things that make me smile. So, here's a list of what makes me smile today, in no particular order.

1. Grilled cheese sandwiches. Not fancy, although fancy is fine, too. Just American cheese on wheat bread (crusts ON, please) is fine with me. Hubby taught me the art of putting the butter in the pan instead of on the bread -- makes it crispier -- but I still usually go for the soggier, butterier (is that a word?) style.

2. A clean desk. You'd think I'd work harder to have this, since I love it so much.

3. Word games. Boggle. Twist. Cryptograms. Anything that makes me make words out of other words or letters just makes my day. If you haven't found and you like word and trivia games, be prepared to lose hours.

4. This site. Never fails to make me want to bake or decorate something.

5. Reading. Specifically, reading fiction. More specifically, reading suspense/mysteries. I like historical settings, and throw in a cop/forensics/FBI and I'm all over it. Funny, those are the TV shows I watch, too.

6. Real Simple magazine. The "new uses for old things" feature is fascinating. And I just learned that if you have a mouse loose in your house (I don't), put down baby powder at night so you can track it to its lair. That's genius, I'm telling ya.

7. Hanging out with the family. We're blessed to have a pool, so summer evenings are very often spent just outside our back door. Throw some sort of food on the grill, and throw ourselves into the pool. If friends drop by, it's a bonus.

8. Working from home. I never appreciate this as much as I do during a Texas summer. I start early in the morning so I can stop earlier in the afternoon and begin #7.

9. The beach. Any beach really. If I could manage to import one to my back yard, it'd be heaven. On that note, I'll annoy all the people who really need ten things, and leave this at nine.


  1. BTW, the new Plum book is out, Smokin' Seventeen! I have my copy, and I'm trying to decide if I should/can wait to read it till vacation (which we've had to postpone because of David's surgery).


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