Happy Thanksgiving! Yeah, I'm late. Sue me.

We had a great time off, and went to the bro- and sis-in law's new house. It's lovely, the food was awesome, and the company was great. I stayed mostly Paleo (couple bites of pie) and I lost a pound. Go figure. :-) Now I'm back to my highest total loss, and rather happy about that.

Which is the actual point of this post -- I have the best possible incentive to get the next 10 pounds off...

We booked our anniversary vacation for February! Whoot!

Me, in 9 weeks

We finally settled on a cruise. We'd looked at all-inclusives, blah blah, and honestly couldn't decide. Once we started thinking about cruises (we've done that before, and kinda wanted something new), it didn't take us long to remember how much we like them. We are going for a longer period of time, which means a bigger ship, and we're upgrading our room to a mini-suite with balcony! Never done that, so it should feel pretty special.

Then the fun continues. RDub mentioned it to a friend at work that we were going on Princess, and he immediately jumped at the idea -- his anniversary is the same week as ours, so they're going, too. Then, I bullied convinced my sister to see if they could get off work (her husband is a teacher) and go too -- their anniversary is exactly a month after ours. So now it's turned into the anniversary cruise -- two 25-year and one 10-year celebration in just our group!

Now the bad news: In approximately 9 weeks, I have to wear a bathing suit. In public.
Problem #1: I'm not sure my bathing suits fit well enough to wear snorkeling. Where will I find one before February?
Problem #2: The tan has faded.
Problem #3: I really want another 10 pounds off before the trip. I've been stuck here for two months. All that happens between now and then is eating events - Christmas, Christmas parties, New Year's...

I refuse to think about the actual food on the ship. That's a problem for another year.

I'm working on an 8-week plan -- this week is a complete loss (for reasons I'll detail in another post) but I shouldn't do any damage.

That's my mission: 10 pounds in 8 weeks. There's likely to be a little crankiness but it will be worth it! When I decide how I'm best going to accomplish this, I'll let you in on it!


  1. I'm so proud of have this commitment and you stick with it!! How fun to go on a cruise!! Happy EARLY Anniversary!! :)


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