Beginning is hard.

A year and a half ago I finally joined the Facebook nation. Now it looks like I'm jumping on the blog wagon.

I like the idea of blogging. I've always liked the idea of journaling, and have had sporadic success when I make up my mind to journal as a way to keep my sanity. But if I edit myself on the off chance that someday I meet a terrible fate and Gibbs and Dinozzo have to go through all my stuff, do I REALLY want anyone to read what I think? So do I ever really write the truth in something private that stays in a drawer in my room? And if not, what on earth makes me think I'll be honest blogging?

Or maybe it's not that kind of blog. I don't have to use this venue to throw my opinions on everything to an unsuspecting world. Lord knows there's enough of that going on. And while I know a little about a lot of things, I'm not an expert on any one thing that would fill that gaping hole in the web -- and if anyone knows what topic isn't already covered somewhere, let me know. I swear I can't find it.

So maybe just breathing and reading and thinking a little is enough. Maybe I can use this space for myself first -- maybe fun, maybe thoughtful, maybe interesting, Maybe recipes, maybe books, maybe movies...who knows. Maybe others will read, maybe they won't. But life is full of memories and experiences - good and bad - and I'm getting old enough I can't remember them all. If blogging can be fun, maybe I can be more consistent. Time will tell. I gotta start somewhere. I pick here.


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