Giving thanks (Post #3)

I'm behind because of being out of town, but I've not been forgetting to be thankful! Well maybe a little bit on a particular day...

November 6: Today I'm (determined to be) thankful for the people who run security at the airport. They do a mostly thankless job day in and day out and I'm going to do my best to not only make their job easier today, but to say thank you.
[Follow-up: I forgot to take my plastic baggie of liquids out of the carryon bag, so I actually got to chat with one of the security people. She was very nice, and I said thank you!]

November 7: I'm thankful for a country of free speech, free elections, and freedom to gather. Today I heard a former president speak about the need for cooperation instead of competition. How awesome that I even had the opportunity to hear him.

November 8: Today I'm thankful for entertainment. I met a favorite actor and got to watch a performance that reminded me what extraordinary talent really is -- I take for granted the sheer volume of entertainment available at my fingertips because somebody decided to take a chance and not make the safe career choice.

Okay, I'll stop there playing catchup and post this...on to the next few days.


  1. Yeah, I know that feeling. I try to be extra pleasant to the security guards at work, even when I'm running late for a meeting and they haul me out of the car to do an inspection of the vehicle and swipe it down for traces of explosives. But it's not easy.--Mel


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