Giving thanks. (Post #4)

I'm two weeks behind and I've realized that's just going to have to be okay. I kept trying to force myself into a mood I just didn't feel, and that seemed more wrong (wronger?) than just skipping a few days. I thought about the "fake it til you make it" philosophy -- say I'm thankful for my job, for instance, when I really want to just run that didn't work for me last week. Anyway, I'm jumping back in.

November 15th: I'm thankful for massage therapists! Wound tight as a spring and she just kept working on my tension spots. Gotta love people who are trained to seek out and help solve problems we bring on ourselves.

November 18th: Today, my pastors get my thanks. We're in the first stages of finding a new worship leader, and our senior pastor has a lot to consider. Our youth pastor is taking on the role for a few weeks until we get someone hired, and it's just a blessing that they are willing to step in during transitions. It's the absolute truth that the role requires a calling to do it successfully - I am thankful for those pastors I've encountered in my life who have blessed me and my family.

November 19th: I can't begin to express my thankfulness for my baby girl. At sixteen, she is the absolute light of my life and I cannot imagine what my world would be like without her. She has taught me so very much about patience and taking pleasure in the little things. She doesn't know it, but she's not allowed to leave home. Ever.

November 21st: I am so very thankful for creative friends. For years, I've been able to watch and copy everything from cards to recipes to decorating ideas, and they've never minded when I "forget" to give them credit. Thank you for making me look good, but more, thank you for helping me think differently about how creativity can be expressed.

On that note, I'm going to go make something. I think it might be of the food variety.


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