Just some rambling.

This weekend I did something new - and everyone who knows what Canton is can't believe I've never in my life been out there. Canton, Texas - home of first Monday trade days. For four days - Thursday through Monday -- of each month, Canton has four million people selling 300 bajillion things. And apparently I need it all. [Numbers not official - that's just what it felt like.]

There are some crazy creative (and really, really weird) people out there. Beautifully handmade stuff - everything from clothes to jewelry to furniture - sitting right next to "made in China" items. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it made me laugh.

Y'all know it's almost summer, right? First week of May in Texas is about like August most other places. The booths are housed in big barns -- we didn't make it to the more "flea market" section out in a big field where there's no shade. Sue me. Anyway, the barns aren't air conditioned so you wander around until you find the booth with a really good fan.

I have an addiction affection for dishes and platters. I have no more room for storing them when not in use. This is a bad combination in case you didn't make that leap. I honestly could have come home with 10 platters and still felt like I missed out. I got one small pewter tray (and a little knife and spoon to go with) -- like one you'd use for cheese or bread...you know, that stuff I don't eat any more. Whatever.

So I came home with my haul (it really wasn't bad. Really.) and today I've been trying to figure out how to redecorate some areas of my house. I realized the main reason I struggle with this -- I don't do fake flowers or clutter. In stores, it doesn't look like clutter, but once I get it out in my house, it does. Either I'm just really bad at "seeing" the vision those creative people have, or when it comes to actually putting stuff out, I get stressed. Maybe it's just that I have enough NON-decorative clutter, adding more doesn't sound fun.

Meh, I'll figure it out. I need to go shop my closets. Sometime. Maybe when I'm not thinking about food so much.

OH, food. It was like a friggin' state fair out there -- corn dogs, ice cream, corn on the cob, fried pies, ice cream, funnel cakes (!) and ice cream. I finally found a booth that had cucumbers and tomatoes marinating in flavored vinegars -- I "sampled" for a while, but at least I bought some of it. I just kept munching my almonds and walking fast past the food. [I swear I saw this one woman coming toward me with a plate piled high with homemade potato chips. One was hanging off the edge, and I was calculating the distance I'd have to cover to catch it before it hit the ground. Or, whether I could just knock her down and run with it. I didn't do either...sigh.]

That's enough rambling. Maybe when I finish some redecorating, I'll take pictures. Right now, I'd probably be happy just to get some cleaning done.


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