Week 21 Scorecard. And flies.

I'm sensing a pattern.

One week, 2 pounds. Next week, less than 1/2 pound. Following week, 2 pounds...and on and on.

So guess what this week is? That's right, the little number -- minus point 4. My irritating scale still won't even move to odd numbers.

Total so far: 23.5 pounds

I actually wasn't feeling well most of last week, AND we were busy 4 out of 5 nights, AND I didn't work out earlier in the day to make up for being gone in the evening (see the "wasn't feeling well" part) so I really can't complain about a low number.


Why do schools have to schedule Every Event We Couldn't Be Bothered To Do Earlier in The Year in the same two week period? I've got a sophomore in high school dealing with after-school choir practices and a concert, finishing two projects in the same weekend, finals (she was thankfully exempt from most of them)...as well as regular life. Life that includes friends having surgery and babies, which means I'm driven to cook. I feed people. It's my thing. I love it, even when I'm making food that I basically do not eat anymore.

I just read that paragraph, and it makes almost no sense at all. I'm tired and don't want to fix it. Moving on...


Tonight I took a bath -- not a shower, a bath. I love baths, but who really has time more than a couple times a year. Anyway, related to the not feeling well thing, I ran a bath tonight and had no sooner gotten in when a fly dive bombs into the water. Bad choice, when you're a fly.

Sidenote: In my opinion, summer in Texas is akin to the plague of flies in Egypt. From April until November, they're everywhere - inside, outside, in the car, everywhere. My hatred for flies is well documented, and I can kill them with my hands. Yeah, I'm awesome like that.

Anyway, here I am with a fly doing he backstroke in MY bath. Well, it was more like the sidestroke, and not doing it very well. It didn't help that I caused a small tsunami to wash over the fly to ensure he would never. fly. again.

Here's the problem: I was now sharing my bath with a dying fly. Ew. EWWW. But I couldn't just fish him out (get it?) -- what if he'd been holding his breath and as soon as I gave him a reprieve from the water, he'd pick himself up, shake himself off, and fly into my ear! So, I let him stay. This kind of thing is exactly why I take showers.


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I shouldn't be allowed to blog when I don't feel good.


  1. It always seems when we're the most tired we're the most talkative. LOL Congratulations on your continued weight loss! Even thought it's small, it adds up (and is not a gain, which is always awesome.)

    1. Isn't that the truth? I'm definitely not going to get discouraged, since you have to figure a pound lost is really two - the one you lost AND the one you didn't gain! Thanks for coming by!


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