Week 17 Scorecard

Bummed. That's what I am. First goal date is today, with the goal of 20 total pounds lost. Sadly, the scale has not moved a freakin' ounce this week. That leaves my total so far at 18.5 pounds.

On the positive side, I didn't gain anything and I was not hungry this week. I had some good runs and tried new recipes. But Paleo so far isn't a big bump in weight loss for me.

I think it might be the amount of fat allowed on Paleo -- I don't think I'm being excessive, but being able to eat nuts and guacamole is probably doubling my fat intake over what I have been eating for the last 4 months. Maybe that sort of change explains the lack of progress.

I've got two more weeks on Paleo. It actually feels good -- I'm sleeping well, I've not had deliberate sugar (no cookies, no obvious sugar additions) and no grain carbs or dairy. R-Dub's blood sugar is staying below 130 which is a HUGE incentive and a sign that this is good for him. I'm waiting to take measurements until the end of the 30 days - to see if maybe the scale isn't moving but changes are happening anyway.

So, a little bummed, but not throwing in the towel. The food's too good.


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