At long last...a run and updated goals!

I don't call myself a runner. I'm a person who, mostly in the interest of getting rid of weight, runs from time to time. I don't dislike it as much as I used to, but it still takes some serious mental talking to get me out the door.

When I hurt my knee in July and had to stop for a while, I tried to be disappointed. Mostly I was concerned about stalling my weight loss or gaining because I was going from 3-4 workouts a week to not much. It was a hot summer, so running outside wasn't really an option. I can't say that I missed it all that much.

Here it is two months later, and today, I went for a run. I had no idea what to expect -- I set the 2 mile route and figured I just see what happened.

Started with a .1m warmup walk. When I first started the run, I was worried - I could feel the knee and the muscles around it tensing up. But after about 30 steps, it stopped. I went about 1/2 mile and took a short walk break to get a drink (and get up the hill). My first mile was at about a 12:30-minute pace - pretty normal for me, even with the walking. Second mile was about a 13-minute pace, with only one walk break, and then walking the tenth that was after 2 miles.

All in all, my knee did great! [My lungs wondered what was happening.] I've now lost my excuse to sit on my butt so often -- the weather is cooling down, too, and Bug is ready to get back to it. I'm setting a new distance goal that I want to reach by Thanksgiving -- 5 miles, no walking. I've never done more than 3.2, so we'll see how I do finally increasing my total distance. That seems so short compared to a lot of the runner blogs I read, but it's pretty huge for me!

Speaking of goals, I need to update the ones I documented earlier this year.

Goal: Run an entire 5K
Reward: Satisfaction! And a pedicure.
***DONE*** Race for Wishes 3/24/2012

May 1 goal: Lose 20 pounds
***DONE***May 8th

July 15 goal: Lose 30 pounds
Reward: Health on Haiti mission trip -- less pain, more stamina on the trip

***DONE*** a little late, but accomplished 8/14

September 15 goal: Lose 40 pounds
Haven't hit this yet -- resetting for 10/15
October 29 goal (my birthday): Lose 50 43 pounds!
Reward: Dinner! We'll do that anyway, most likely, so making it my reward is easy!

Ultimate goal: Achieve my goal weight = lose 63 pounds FOREVER [I think that violates a rule of goal-setting, but whatever.]
Time: By December 20, 2012 February 1, 2013

I had my annual exam this week, and my doctor was very pleased with me. She didn't know much about Paleo, but didn't dismiss it as unhealthy or a fad -- which is apparently a big deal! I still need to get blood work done so I can compare to my numbers from last year. I feel so much better it's crazy. I thought I'd be disappointed that I hadn't hit all the goals I set back in April, but I'm really not. There have been so many good results so far, taking a little longer to reach a final goal isn't a big deal.

Okay, I'm all caught up now. Gotta go get autumn decorations done!


  1. I am so very proud of you girl!!! You are an amazing example for me. Keep it up beautiful friend!


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