More randomness.

There must be something in the water. I've got at least four blogging friends who have complained lately about not having anything to say/write, and now I've caught the affliction. I'm doing fine on the weight loss front, so I think maybe I'm just bored with talking about it for the moment. I'm staying off the scale for another couple of weeks, so nothing to report there.

Let's talk about something completely different.

1. I'm beginning to think I have an unhealthy obsession with the Harry Potter series. As I type this, Sorceror's Stone is playing on TV. I read the entire series over the summer for about the 8th time. I like the movies okay, but the books transport me to a completely different place. And this never fails to make me giggle:

2. I'm very annoyed with the availability (or lack) of classic movies on subscription services like Amazon and Huluplus. Seriously, what is the point of having those accounts if you can't get movies like "My Fair Lady" or "Double Indemnity" when you want them? Who even HAS a VCR anymore? I already dropped Netflix in irritation about their separate charges for streaming versus DVD. I'm just not a library person, but I may have to rethink that.

3. I think I would be way more amusing as a blogger if I still had toddlers in the house. Or maybe I would just be way more inebriated.

4. I went to the mall for the first time in forever over the weekend. Dillards, Clinique, Charming Charlie's, Brighton, Gap...I need to wait a really long time before I do that again, or my bank account will go into shock.

4. I have now bought kale three different times with good intentions of using it. I think my subconscious is stopping me. I did make chips once, but they weren't very good -- it had already wilted before I cooked it. And I'll probably buy it again. Does that make me optimistic or just not very bright?

5. I love getting Amazon boxes delivered. I love it more when I know they're for me. The UPS man is naming his next child after R-Dub, as we provide job security.

6. Speaking of R-Dub, he's out of town this week. Bug and I have watched Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, and the aforementioned Harry Potter. This is what girls do when the men aren't around.

7. I have a niece and several friends who have birthdays on this day in September. A colleague posted today that while many of us have a memory of September 11th that is sad, there were many good things that happened on other September 11s. Let's not forget those things in our remembering of one particular 9/11.

And with that said, no September 11th post would be complete without a thank you to our armed forces for their service, past and present, to this country. We owe you all a debt we can never repay.


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