A nice problem to have.

Over the weekend, I went through my closet. I have a business conference next week, and I have no idea what I'm going to wear. Since I work from home, my usual wardrobe is shorts or yoga pants (depending on the weather), t-shirts, and flip flops. I dress on the weekends for errands or church, but that's about it. I have good clothes, but there's a serious problem - I'm short and I refuse to pay someone to hem my dress pants.

That means all my pants require heels. I love heels. I love shoes, period. What I don't love is hiking around a Disney resort conference center in said heels. Been there, done that, had the blisters to prove it.

So on Saturday, I thought I'd better figure out what I even have to choose from in the wardrobe department and then decide if new shoes (or pant alterations) would be necessary.

I spent most of the summer in skirts and shorts, so I pulled out pants I haven't worn since spring. None. of. them. fit. And that's in a good way -- too big! The sizes of the pants didn't seem to matter -- some pants were a LOT too big, others of the same size were loose but wearable. Anyway, it will make packing easy -- I'm taking all skirts. :-)

Speaking of business conference, what on earth am I going to eat while I'm there? Based on the menu they had last year, breakfast for me will be back to beef jerky and fruit. I remember lots of pasta and sandwiches for lunch...could be an interesting week. If I come back 8 pounds heavier, I'll know for sure what that kind of food does to me. My #1 goal is to avoid desserts. My #2 goal is to avoid pasta. After that, who knows.

No real loss this week. Still hovering right in the 163 lbs/35 lbs down range. I'm not particularly stressing over it, although I would have loved to meet my 40-pound loss goal this week. I did take my measurements though, and my belly continues to go down bit by bit. Now if my butt would just follow suit.

I have finally done some fall decorating. I went to the farmer's market on Saturday and they had beautiful pumpkins. I snagged a few.
I've never had a white pumpkin before! This is on the hearth.

This is on the entry table. Look at the perfect curlies on the one in front!
My daughter had to show me how to get Instagram photos out of my phone so I could use them here. It's pitiful, really. Also explains why my blog still looks like one of the free ones after two years.

Do you decorate for fall? Or is it just too much trouble with Christmas around the corner?


  1. LOVE the pumpkins...especially the white one!!! Yay on too big pants!! I hope you have some fun on your biz conference!! :)


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