So many topics, so little time...

I've got approximately 47 blog posts running around in my head. There's no telling what I'm about to write. Maybe a numbered list for now, then I'll come back later and actually write them. Yay! That sounds like a plan.

1. I'm back from my conference in Orlando. It was an excellent conference, as usual, and I love seeing my colleagues. We all work remotely, so actually being face to face is rare. They're funny, and irreverent, and curmudgeonly, and smart, and it's so easy to forget that when you only talk on IM or phone.

2. General Colin Powell was the keynote speaker on Monday. What an amazing, dynamic man. He's 76 and could easily pass for 56. He used no notes or prompter, and spoke for about 45 minutes. His resume alone is enough to blow your mind, and then he speaks and you realize he has earned absolutely every accolade he's ever been given. My favorite quote: "Being a leader is all about the followers." What a transforming thought when you get into it.

3. I was sick for about half of the trip. I had no idea what was wrong, but I woke up with stabbing abdominal pain early Tuesday morning and it lasted through the entire day. I still have no real idea why. I wasn't eating very off-Paleo - a little potato, a little corn in some soup -- so I don't think that was it. Maybe a touch of food poisoning, or just something in the air. Who knows. The up side? I didn't gain ANY weight while I was gone.

4. If you need an ego boost or weight-loss validation, go try on clothes at Chico's. Their sizes only go up to 3 or so. I bought a pair of pants before my trip - size 2 (I've never been a size 2, even there!). Today, I went back to use a birthday gift certificate and got another pair, same basic style but in denim. It. Was. A. Size. 0.5! Not kidding even a little bit. I KNOW it's all artificial, but they have me convinced!

5. Our team went to a chocolate store and made our own chocolates. THIS definitely has to be a blog entry, but here's a teaser:

It's really sad I don't get to eat this. I might have to give in -- that strawberry is FRUIT, for Pete's sake.

Whew, glad to get all that off my chest. More to come on some of these. Hope you're having a great weekend!


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