25 Days of Blogging


I just came across this and thought it might be fun. I'll have to play catch up, but it'll make me blog regularly for a little while! Here we go.

1. Your favorite Christmas movie
Great, I get stuck on the first one. I think I have to go with Holiday Inn. I have so many memories of watching this with my mom every single year.

Runners up: A Christmas Story, It's a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, and Miracle on 34th Street.

2. Your 2012 Christmas wish list
A new tablet and clothes for the cruise in February.

3. When/how did you learn that Santa wasn't real?
I don't understand this question. Santa is real. I first learned that he gets a lot of help from parents when I was 7 and I woke up before my mom was in bed on Christmas Eve. Santa had already been there and she was still in the kitchen. That was the year I got the fabulous Barbie Dream House.

4. Favorite Christmas song
Again with the "favorites." "O Holy Night" is really high on the list - the Celtic Women version gives me chills every time. But I think I have to pick Straight No Chaser's "12 Days of Christmas" because the season doesn't start for me until I hear it. And it doesn't have a version by anyone else.

5. Best gift you've ever received
Above-mentioned Barbie Dream House (the three story one with an elevator) was pretty high on the list! I'm really bad at remembering/listing gifts -- I loved my tennis bracelet the RDub surprised me with years ago, but I lost it this year (in the mall, no less) so it makes me sad right now! I love being surprised, even by little things, so I'll go with "all the surprise gifts" as my favorite.

6. Your favorite tree ornament
Oh my, I love them all! "Our first Christmas together" makes me smile as I pull it out of the ornament box. The crystal castle and hearts we bought in our first couple of years together -- bought at Dillard's because we had a credit card and no money -- and the fragile, hand-painted Santa globe from 1991 that miraculously survives every year. For a recent answer, I'll choose this one:
My sister and two best friends spent a girls' weekend here, and we all got matching ornaments. I smile when I see it!
7. Most memorable Christmas
Who comes up with these? I'm old and losing my memory daily. I'm pretty sure it was 1995 - the year my daughter was born. She was two months old, and I was exhausted. It was the first year (that I remember anyway) that we stayed home on Christmas instead of traveling to everyone's house (cramming hours of driving into 2-3 days). It started the tradition of making sure we are home on Christmas Eve night/Christmas morning that continues to this day. We may travel part of those days, but we wake up Christmas morning in our own bed!

8. Post a picture of Christmas decor
Yay, an easy one!

9. Easiest person to buy for
My daughter, hands down. She's so fun to buy clothes for.

Okay, stopping there for today. More days to come!


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