Monday musings, on a Tuesday

Just stuff running through my increasingly taxed brain:

1. I'm trying to find a dress/outfit for our cruise, for the formal dinner night. I do not want to go to the mall, but shopping for clothes by mail is scary. I also have those 10 pounds I really want to lose. I'm sort of between sizes, so I may just have to shop in January to get something that fits right.

2. At work, the goal setting part of annual reviews is going on right now. It somehow seems unprofessional to write "win the lottery" as a goal.

3. Christmas shopping is hard this year. No one needs anything, and most of the wants are not things I want to buy! Shop for yourself, people, and just put my name on it.

4. Speaking of Christmas, what am I supposed to do for all those people who would usually get baked goods from me? Do I just suck it up and do it anyway, knowing that it'll just make me want junk food I really shouldn't have? And for that matter, giving away stuff that really doesn't do great things for the recipients seems hypocritical. Bacon doesn't seem very Christmassy, but it may have to work. I thought of nuts, but I could go broke buying that for everyone.

5. RDub has to work on Christmas Eve. I'd be more upset, but mostly it just means I get to lay around and not do much. It'll be the first day I get to sleep late - no lunch to make, no kid to get up, no work to go to - in forever. That is not an exaggeration. And if I make it to 8am, it'll be a miracle.

6. I get to sing a special Christmas song with a very talented woman on Sunday. We practiced together on Saturday and it is so funny to me how much alike we sound at times. I've only known her a couple of years (if that long), but I'm just so blessed to get to do this with her.

7. There is nothing quite like watching your baby performing on a stage. To watch that baby and realize she's a young woman is heart-breaking and breathtaking all at once.

8. I have a really bad track record with the "rob your neighbor" gift exchanges. I either take a really lame gift (thinking it's funny or cool) or (sometimes and) come away with the "least likely to have some use/fit in my house" gift. Example: Ornament exchange, $5 limit or so -- I took a really cute glass snowman, I got two homemade, pipecleaner ornaments. True story.

9. I'm getting my hair done Thursday. Color, of course. But I'm actually considering getting bangs for the first time in quite a while. RDub used a morphing program to play with the idea, and now I'm really scared. I looked like the woman on the 10pm news who got arrested for writing hot checks. My hairdresser will talk me out of it if it's a bad idea. Really she will.

And that's all for this Tuesday edition of Monday Musings.


  1. Dressbarn!! I love that store... and there's one on Heritage - still crowded but definitely not the mall!)

    1. Seriously? I haven't been in a Dress Barn in years! You have really cute clothes so I may have to give it a try again. I'll let you know!


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