Home improvement.

Something has come over this house, and I'm not sure if it's a virus or what. We seem completely incapable of reining in our need to rework/redecorate stuff. And it's not just me! [Okay, it's mostly my ideas, but then the others jump all over it, I swear.]

It started here about 3 weeks ago:
Clear-out started, walls taped off. But wasn't that an awesome paint job?
Bug didn't want her dresser anymore - the drawers were kinda wonky, and several of them had turned into junk drawers instead of clothing drawers. It took up a lot of room and she really wanted/needed a larger desk. Of course, as we planned those changes, I had to ask about painting -- was she tired of the blue/green/pink yet? Guess the answer.
KILZ is a wonderful invention.
Spring Break 2013 turned into "please, Daddy, help me with this" and of course he did.
Dear Homebuilders: Putting studs where they actually belong is a helpful thing.
The dresser was replaced with the cubes for socks and underwear storage. [I said underwear. Sorry.]
We got a better deal on this at our local grocery store than we would have at IKEA!

But this was the main purpose of the change -- the wall of shelves and desk space:

The wire under the bottom shelf is so cool! Little clips hold the pictures on.

LOTS of toys were shuffled to the attic or donation pile, and storage boxes were purchased to get the off season stuff out of the way.

IKEA mirrors to replace the one that had been on the dresser

Reading corner - we had the bookshelves from before, from Container Store.
And here's the result:

She seems to like it -- we don't see her as much in the evenings as we used to!

Next up is the pantry (again) -- new shelves, more storage...


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