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Happy Earth Day! I don't have a cool Google doodle to celebrate, but I'm going to go sit outside later and soak up some sun.

It's a Monday (when I started this post; now it's Tuesday), and my brain is feeling pretty Monday-ish. Here's just some stuff:

1. I love our yard with its new fence. We've been working on the plants and the pool, and I'm trying to decide if I want a garden (RDub insists on growing watermelon if we do) or a compost. I just can't decide if I want to spend the time learning what I need to learn to make it work, then spend the time making it work. We're still killing weeds, but so far, we've spent more evenings out there than usual.
Even my basil is happy in the revamped yard!
2. I'm running again. The weather has been nice enough and my allergies have been mild enough that I've run out of excuses (see what I did there?). It helps that Bug wants to run, too, so we've gone in the morning a couple of times. Then on Saturday I actually did a 5K around the neighborhood -- just me and 3.1 miles. My time wasn't awful, and I felt pretty good when I finished.

3. Next week we start a "shape up" challenge at work. I'm on a virtual team of 9 coworkers and our 8-week challenge is to track our steps, record workout minutes, and beat another group of coworkers. We got our pedometers and I started using it to see where I should set my goals. Have I mentioned that I sit at a computer all dayI I believe that counts as sedentary. I wore it the first day I went running -- a little over two miles and only 4500 steps! Seriously -- how are you supposed to get 10,000 steps in a day if you don't walk the entire time? I had to go to the grocery store one night just to get the count over 10K.
This is my avatar on the challenge.
4. I'm not sure I've met my own challenge of cooking something new every week, but I've definitely been cooking again. I don't particularly like asparagus, but when you wrap anything in bacon, it just begs to be eaten.

Don't be blinded by the awesome steak on the side.
And then there were these little guys: Medjool dates with an almond in the middle, wrapped in bacon and baked. It's Paleo candy, I'm telling ya.

Next time I make two, one is for dessert.

5. I'm contemplating some changes to how much I use electronics. I obviously can't get away from the computer during the day - it's my job - but our entire family is way too online. I just don't know what I want to say is allowed/not allowed for myself. I may have to start slow -- cut out the games, maybe? - or set a time limit after work and stick to it. Of course, I write this as I sit on my couch playing Candy Crush Saga...

6. Speaking of free time, what on earth possessed me to pick another show that I have to watch? I'm currently obsessed with The Good Wife and I have no idea why I waited so long. I'm watching it on Amazon whenever I have time, and it's not one the family is watching with me. AND I feel guilty that I'm behind on Nashville and Breaking Bad. Obviously, I need to reevaluate my priorities...

And that's it for this rambling post.

What do you think about your internet time? Worth it?


  1. I don't typically like steak....but that looks DELISH!!!! I feel the same about getting offline more. ;)


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